Dried Noodles Killed 4 Chinese Schoolchildren!

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Four Chinese school children died after eating a dried-noodle snack in the poor southern province of Yunnan. It is very sad and tragic to lose those little children because of somebody’s greed to make more money out of those foodstuffs.

To those parents we offer our sincere sympathies and hope that the govt. would catch those culprits who murdered them .Those people could have used illegal substance into the making of those snack noodles.

After eating them, they frothed at the mouth and lapsed into unconsciousness and were pronounced dead in the hospital.

China has also come under fire for a string of quality scandals involving products including food, toothpaste, drugs and toys.

Now, any food items with the ‘Made in China’ labels are suspect unless they are vetted by the govt. Most of the food poisoning cases seem to happen in the rural areas in China where the enforcement is lacking.

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2 Responses to “Dried Noodles Killed 4 Chinese Schoolchildren!”

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I followed your original source and learned that the article also said those families were compensated $800 per child by the government. That’s probably a lot in China, but of course it can never make up for the loss of a child. At least the government cared to offer something to the families. Several babies also died sometime back when the baby formula they used had no nutritional value. I don’t know how the Chinese government is going to successfully cope with this when it appears a renegade element is making these bad products. I hope they find a way. Perhaps it will be with very strict penalties or even something as severe as capital punishment for people who create these fatal situations.

Laura1318;- The Chinese govt will find a way to lessen the collateral damage to their reputation and country. They will use extreme ways to wipe out this scourge. Just like corruption is death.Some of my friends came back and told us that they do not trust what is being sold there. Eating there is a dangerous game..LOL! You don’t know what you are eating and what went into the production of those foodstuff.

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