Beware of ‘ FREE ‘software from the internet !!

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If you are thinking of installing any ‘FREE’ software from the internet into your PC, beware, you may get more than you bargained for. You maybe downloading additional ‘malware or spyware’ which may harm your PC or compromise your security. Think carefully, it is like opening the door to the big bad wolf into your house.

Most of us want things for free and there are many things in the internet which are free to download especially when it comes to anti virus software. Some of them maybe genuine ones but there could be some which are spywares designed to steal your important and confidential data’s.

There is no way of knowing what is in the software until your PC suddenly coughs and spurts like a sick old man . Some of those programs may pretend to scan your PC for viruses or spywares and without your knowledge may install secretly some of their malwares into your PC.

Beware of those beta versions because it can cause you to lose your data’s or corrupt your files . You become their guinea pigs and you cannot blame them because you volunteer for it when you installed their trial versions. They are not responsible for what happens to your PC.

It would be more prudent to spend some to upgrade the security of your PC and able to sleep soundly every night. If you do internet banking and credit card transactions , you should invest in a good anti virus and internet security software.

Everyday , new viruses and spywares are created and one of these days , you maybe the unlucky fella and you will have to pay through your nose when those thieves clean out your bank or credit card account .

Do not be penny wise and pound foolish.

Reference and thanks to :-,think-twice-before-installing-unknown-software.html

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2 Responses to “Beware of ‘ FREE ‘software from the internet !!”

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I used to load free software via internet, 2 week ago i will format them 😦

Laura1318:- If you have a good anti virus software, run through the free software to check for viruses, spy wares or Trojan horses before installing them. Sometimes , even trusted sites may contain Trojan horses or viruses when those hackers place them on certain icons or links in that site.
Better think twice before you download any free software’s.

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