Do women enjoy foreplay ?

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It is generally thought that foreplay is a prerequisite if you want to make love to a woman. She takes a longer time to get aroused and she will not enjoy the sex if the men just dived in for the main act.Most men may think only of the physical side without the emotional and mental foreplay.

Some men would be half hearted or do it mechanically without any emotions or care about the woman’s feelings.They poke, pinch, fiddle and grope until the woman became impatient or bored and lose their interest.Some women may fake orgasms and some men may fake foreplay’s.

It is no surprise when some women just lie like a log or like a corpse waiting for it to finish. It could even be insulting when the woman reads a book while her man is boinking away.

A recent survey found that women did not enjoy the physical aspects of foreplay and considered it a waste of time . This survey may not be true in other places.It is unfortunate that the men in that area was cast into a bad light.The act of foreplay could probably mean different things to men and women.

For the men , it could be touching ,stroking ,cuddling, caressing, kissing , licking and those more adventurous types ,some meaningless lovey-dovey praises for her.

While the women may enjoy those physical carnal pleasures , it is not enough for them as they need to be mentally , emotionally and psychologically fired up too. Whispering sweet nothings into their ears shows that you have not morphed into an animal performing their carnal instincts.

Talking in a loving and appreciative manner,giving them surprises and helping them with their burdens are another form of foreplay’s.

The build up is more exciting as it creates the tensions, expectations and the imaginations. Her mind will be like a fertile soil where all kinds of imaginations will grow.

The way leading up to a women for sex may involve not only the physical but also the emotional build up . The sensitive men would be more in tuned with her moods.

Perhaps the modern day liberated women do not enjoy foreplays because they have no time with their busy schedules or they have acquired the ‘maleness’ in them .

If you want to improve your relationship and love making , you will need to polish up your foreplay’s according to her ways .Treat her with lots of respect and dignity and not treat her like a sex toy, only being there for her when you wanted it.

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