Filial Piety.

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In the Asian soceity , especially the Chinese people are known for their filial piety. I do not know about other races.The son is expected to carry on the traditions and to take up the task where the father has left.

Filial piety is the first value of the Chinese soceity .It is the love and respect for one’s parent and their ancestors. 

The maintenance of the family structure and to clothe and feed everyone especially the parents till they die of old age.

In these modern times when parents have only one or two children , the burden of supporting their aged parents lies squarely and heavily on them. It can be a very heavy burden as the children may not be able to give them a good life in return.

The children of today have too many debts and many are living below the poverty levels or could not afford to take care of their aged parents who require more medical care and attentions.

Some of those who could afford it , send them to those privately run senior citizens home.Some after paying a few months, simply abandoned them there. Those homes are caught in a fix.

Some countries have laws where the parents can sue their sons for maintenance if they can afford it and are unwilling to shoulder that burden.It is so sad today that parents have to compelled their children to support them
Filial piety is a dying culture even among the Chinese people.

Today, many parents do not have enough pensions to last and need to depend on their children when they are old.

Think of your parents loves  and sacrifices to bring you up and made you what you are today .When you were young , your parents provided everything for you.

When you were young, your wants were many and you wanted the latest gizmo that your friends have . Your parents tried their best to meet your demands because they love you.

When you wanted anything , you only had to ask and it never bothered you whether your parents could afford those branded products or not. You just have to have it to go along with your friends or to show off.

They forego and abstained from many things so that they can give you a good life .You may not realized their sacrifices because you were too young and inexperienced to feel it.One day when you are married and have kids of your own , then you will know what is it like being a parent.

Sometimes , it is not easy to live together with old people who may suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s and they can be a pain in the neck when they wont listen to you and chose to do whatever they liked. The only way is to hear no evil and let them rant because they know not what they are saying or doing.

It is easy to judge others but when it comes around to you , you will know the real situation. Your parents are near the end of their days,so treat them well like the story of the ‘Wooden bowl’ you will be treated the same way by your children when you grow old.,4136,145333,00.html

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