Divorce -The Long And Lonely Road.

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Getting married is easy but getting a divorce is hard.You come together with hope and you leave separately with bitterness and plenty of emotional baggage and a broken dream.

Love flew out the window and communications is broken down. They dont understand each other anymore  and  speak harshly to one another ,they each have their own needs and gone their own separate ways.

The heart is no more in it or it is broken into a thousand pieces  and they cannot stand the sight of each other. It is all over.

Could she have prevented her husband from leaving?
It is not easy when a man or woman wants to leave the matrimonial home. His/her heart is not in there anymore.

The marriage has become staled and they have taken each other for granted.Even though they have married for many years, they are like complete strangers and not able to understand each other.There is no more give and take .

Many a man may not want to leave their home and children. They want to have the cake and eat it. They may have flings outside because they find it more exciting than their old mate’s , or that they succumbed to the seductive temptress.

No man can ever beat the beauty trap,beautiful woman are a bane or a blessings.The other women will always look better than his wife.

In the beginning it is always the case.After a few years or the 7 year’s itch , they will get tired of her and will go looking for someone new. If they can pass this level, another level will be at 10 years.This is what some people believed  about the 7 and 10 years  itch.

Some people believed that having affairs can recharged their marriage. I dont think so.It will only bring more heartaches and headaches to everyone.

Women are ambivalent creatures. What they want and what comes out of her mouth may not be the same thing.

A man has to be smart to read her heart and not her speech. Sadly , many men are not created to feel and see into their eyes and heart.

Men are moved by sight and not by feelings. It is that they think with only one side of their brains. Sometimes , when you speak, you may not know what is your facial expressions and they may give the wrong image .

Go look into the mirror and play back those parts so that you could see what you looked like when you said those words to him.

Horror of horrors, you looked like the she devil or those ugly demons .

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5 Responses to “Divorce -The Long And Lonely Road.”

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I’m searching for sites related to making relationships work and yours came up, this is helpful content, even though on a side track. TY.

Hi Maria,

Thanks for your post. Have to agree with you, it is now so easy to divorce but we need to delve deeper and not regret later.

Forgive and forget…Dont let our ego and emotions get in our way of a successful mariage. Never think of the unthinkable..


divorce is now more easy for a career woman .. just afraid to hurt our kids if this happened. Hope this wont happened to me..

Yep! I think it is high time , I need a place of my own, but I will still post in pinksuzie. Thanks for coming over..

u r THE laura from pink suzie ?

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