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Do women enjoy foreplay ?

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It is generally thought that foreplay is a prerequisite if you want to make love to a woman. She takes a longer time to get aroused and she will not enjoy the sex if the men just dived in for the main act.Most men may think only of the physical side without the emotional and mental foreplay.

Some men would be half hearted or do it mechanically without any emotions or care about the woman’s feelings.They poke, pinch, fiddle and grope until the woman became impatient or bored and lose their interest.Some women may fake orgasms and some men may fake foreplay’s.

It is no surprise when some women just lie like a log or like a corpse waiting for it to finish. It could even be insulting when the woman reads a book while her man is boinking away.

A recent survey found that women did not enjoy the physical aspects of foreplay and considered it a waste of time . This survey may not be true in other places.It is unfortunate that the men in that area was cast into a bad light.The act of foreplay could probably mean different things to men and women.

For the men , it could be touching ,stroking ,cuddling, caressing, kissing , licking and those more adventurous types ,some meaningless lovey-dovey praises for her.

While the women may enjoy those physical carnal pleasures , it is not enough for them as they need to be mentally , emotionally and psychologically fired up too. Whispering sweet nothings into their ears shows that you have not morphed into an animal performing their carnal instincts.

Talking in a loving and appreciative manner,giving them surprises and helping them with their burdens are another form of foreplay’s.

The build up is more exciting as it creates the tensions, expectations and the imaginations. Her mind will be like a fertile soil where all kinds of imaginations will grow.

The way leading up to a women for sex may involve not only the physical but also the emotional build up . The sensitive men would be more in tuned with her moods.

Perhaps the modern day liberated women do not enjoy foreplays because they have no time with their busy schedules or they have acquired the ‘maleness’ in them .

If you want to improve your relationship and love making , you will need to polish up your foreplay’s according to her ways .Treat her with lots of respect and dignity and not treat her like a sex toy, only being there for her when you wanted it.

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I Had Sex With My Brother/Sister…

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In our present world , many societies and religions frown on or forbid this practice which is known as’ incest ‘ and it is considered a taboo . It was discourage as the offspring’s have a higher risk of genetic disorders .The inbreeding could cause the race to have inferior genes .This has been scientifically proven and what the religion stated 2000 years ago has a truth and purpose of this edict.

Incest is defined as sexual intercourse with a parent, child, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, grandparent, or grandchild.

In some families, the relationships between siblings can be very close and sometimes they cross the line when they have sexual relationships. It is a shame to their families if their activities are out in the open and many try to conceal their sexual relationships even from their parents .

This is illicit and forbidden love which has no good endings and those who engaged in it can pay a terrible price. They may have to move to another place where nobody knows them as brothers and sisters. It is a dark secret which they will have to keep for all their life.

They are young and with raging hormones in their bodies ,they become attracted to each other sexually .Sometimes with the help of alcohol , one drink too many , they threw cautions to the wind. It was only a matter of time before they took up the courage to cross the Rubicon. Once they tasted the forbidden fruits, it was not easy to give them up.

They fall down the slippery slopes and into the dark abyss. It is a quagmire which they cannot extradite from. No one desires it to happen that way but due to circumstances which are beyond their controls. We should not judge them but should have compassion and understandings for their actions.

Sometimes, incest was not committed knowingly. Some siblings got separated from birth and did not know that they were related and when they got married , they found out the truth belatedly. It is a heartbreak and they are caught in a bind.The state cannot sanctioned their union.

Some incest happens because of child abuse and where the child has no power to overcome the stronger party. This is a tragedy.

Incest is morally and ethically wrong and it brings griefs to everyone and it should be avoided at all cost and please do not venture there.

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The One Night Stand Blues.

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The modern, liberated and emancipated women of today enjoy the same sexual freedom as the men, together with their new found financial freedom which enabled them to enjoy this privilege.

Some of them are influenced by the ‘Sex and the City lifestyles’ T.V series where one night stands are a way of life for those single girls. It is a very popular series with the girls who try to ape their way of life.

In that kind of society nobody gives a damned if u have a one night stand or not. It is a matter of how matured and cool you are and how you can handle those issues.

Are u that matured and able to handle the consequences of a one night stand ?

Maybe initially, you may have some qualms and hangovers about it but after a few times, it becomes a way of life .

Some people drifted in and out of one night stands. Some seemed to craved for it. They will go to bars or pubs to pick up strange man and have a one night stand and then go separate ways and never to be seen again.

Do those girls really enjoy the same one night stand as the men ?

Men and women are wired differently and I think the men would enjoy it better than the women because they will enjoy a no strings attached sex.

Men can compartmentalized their sex and love while women cannot have sex without love except for some . After the sex , the women expect some emotional connect with the men but in the usual case, the men are gone and leaving the women stuck on high and dry.

They can get the sex without the hassle of wooing and sacrificing their time , effort and money on the chase for the girl.

In their eyes, such girls are only for fun and not for a long term relationship. They would rather find a more homely and good girl type to settle down.

According to a recent research , many girls are not for it because they feel used and cheap after the one night stand.Some may feel dirty or violated  and when the men disappear from their lifes , they would feel like puking when they think over that incident.

They will worry if their reputations are tarnished and they cannot bragged about it like the men . They may feel regretful but what is done is done.

They may not feel the full effects till they have a committed relationship and it will gnaw on their conscience whether to tell him or not.

For most girls, it is better to have an emotional connect and believed that there is a chance of forming a long term relationship before having sex.

.Some girls would not bother to think deeply about the consequences of having sex on the first date. Some believed that they are able to handle the resultant fall out as they think they are very liberated and it is the norm or trend in their society.

In the West, been a virgin can be seen as an oddity in that society . They would either lose their virginity before they reach 15 years old,or pretend they have lost theirs.

Professor Anne Campbell of Durham University, who led the research, said almost half of the women interviewed felt full of regret after a brief encounter.

It is possible not to feel any regrets if one is looking for casual sex only and not a relationship.

If you are the smart ass type that says,’I have lost my virginity on a one night stand, and it doesn’t seem to bother me that I slept with a random boy.’

You are just too young to comprehend what you have done. It is your body and how you use it is your right. Some day and somewhere down the road , you will regret and will not be proud about this fact .

In my opinion , I think more women would prefer and enjoy sex better in a committed relationship than a one night stand.

Can a woman treat sex like a man? It can be done but rarely as most woman are not built and conditioned in that way. It is easy to talk about being guilt free but in reality it is no mean feat to overcome their guilts.

You may think you can control the situation but when you are in that whirlpool , you are just swept away by the tidal waves and regret what you have done afterwards.

Do you have one night stand or what is your opinion on this issue ?

Want to share your opinions or ordeals here?

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The one-night stand blues: How girls are left to regret brief encounters

By Paul Sims

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G-Shot or Orgasm Jab!

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If you cannot have an orgasm or do not know what is an orgasm, fret not ! There is a new procedure, an £800 non-surgical treatment that enhances a woman’s sexual experience by boosting the G-spot.

Collagen is injected into the normal, pea-sized G-spot which is located between 5.8 to 6.2cm from the pubic bone and would enlarge it for up to four months.

Thereafter ,you will require another injection every four months. I am not very sure about the long term effects and whether it will become less sensitized after several injections.

If you want to enjoy the out of the body or out of the world experience in your love making, you may try this new procedure.

Caroline Cushworth became the first British woman to have the ‘G-shot’, also known as the ‘orgasm jab’ .The treatment involves injecting collagen straight into the G-spot. It not only enhances its sensitivity, but increases the width of the area to the size of a 10 pence piece.

According to her , the results was tremendous and she had multiple orgasms for hours..WOO…!!!

The G- spot was discovered by Dr.Ernest Grafenberg in 1950.It is a highly sensitive, sensuous and erotic spot ,provided if you can find it .

For more information ,you can visit visit

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I’ve had the G-shot…and YES,YES,YES, my sex life has never been better

By Natasha Courtenay-Smith–YES-YES-YES-sex-life-better.html

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Women Want less Sex – A Myth??

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It takes two to Tango or two hands to clap . By inference, both men and women should have the same or equal sex drive .

There are many roads leading to Rome .Men take the fastest and straight road to Rome while women take the longer and more scenic route. This has resulted in the opinion or myth that women want less sex .

We know for a fact that men think of sex every 60 seconds or whenever they see a female body or picture but when they are in a committed relationships,both men and woman have similar attitudes toward the act, a new study finds.

This debunks the myth that women have less sexual drive than men. Some of us may still have sexual stereotyping of others.

From a man’s point of view, sex is more of a physical act than an act of love and the enjoyment from it ;while a woman is unable to feel the same like men because they need the comfort and security in order to give and enjoy sex. Women need the emotional and mental stimulations before they are willing to partake in that act.It is deeply ingrained in to their systems.

They have to deal with the issue of pregnancy and social taboo’s and this fear is a dampener to their sexual drives. It is no wonder , a woman’s sexual peak is around 35 and above because this is the time when she sheds all her inhibitions about sex and the fear of pregnancy.They know what they want from their partners . When their sexual drive is peaking , the man’s is going downhill.

It is wrong to assume that women don’t enjoy sex or want less sex than men. Women do enjoy sex as much as men, except that they seek an emotional connection too. They find it more meaningful and fulfilled this way.

They also take longer to get aroused and are only aroused more easily during a certain time in the month when they ovulate. During this period their body releases certain chemicals to make them more horny.

When they are in a committed relationship or married, they have more and better sex than their unmarried counterparts.They enjoy the sex both physically and emotionally.

On another subject of women’s orgasm,a survey indicated that only 30% of women achieve orgasm from penetration alone. Most women need stimulation of the clitoris by hand or oral to reach climax.

It is not about the size of the male organ but in the technique of stimulating the woman’s clitoris which make her orgasm.

Some women do not enjoy sex because when they take off their clothes , they worry about their imperfect bodies and cannot be fully free to enjoy the act. Some will multi task while in the midst of it. They worry over other irrelevant things and cannot fully concentrate on the enjoyments.

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Men Aged 18 To 30 On Viagra ?

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What was once for those middle aged men suffering from ED (Erectile dysfunction) has now become a performance boosting drug for the younger men who wanted to improved their performances or who wanted to be more virile.

The men are feeling emasculated by those modern and sexually liberated women. Most men have the perceptions that they need to satisfy their partners and to maintain their hardness till she orgasms.

Perhaps ,in this quest to satisfy their partners , they have learned the wrong way from those unrealistic pornographic materials from the internet or DVD’s .They may have the wrong perceptions of what a woman expects from them and thereby causing all those performance anxieties.

Generally speaking ,many younger men does not understand the women’s body or her psychological make-up or what would make her orgasm.

That is why quite a substantial number of women would fake an orgasm to make the men happy and thinking that they had satisfied their partners.

It used to be men who called the shots in the bedroom but with today’s emancipated , liberated and strong and sensual women who are inspired by those strong female characters in the film ,’Sex and The City’,starring Sarah Jessica Parker ;the younger men are increasingly turning to Viagra to fuel their sexual drive to keep up with the modern and sexually liberated women.

The modern women are more vocal , having greater stamina and being released from their sexual inhibitions are enjoying what was once the domains of men.They are now on par with the men’s sexual drive or in some cases even exceed the men’s drive.

What fueled this modern day sexual revolution is the cheap availability of abortions. In the UK, you can have free abortions from the NHS if you are below 24 weeks.There is no fear of pregnancy as it can be terminated without any moral or ethical considerations. Some people treat abortions as another contraceptive method .Some girls may even have 3 or 4 abortions in their life.

With the increased awareness and the new found freedom in women , the men are increasing feeling the pressure to perform to expectations.This can give rise to performance anxiety and may lead to ED. It is now common and not a surprise for younger men to have ED these days.

Today, women are highly sex creatures and the men cannot claim it as their sole monopoly anymore.

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No Ejaculation, No orgasm, No feeling, No Communication’.

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That sounds like a death knell in any relationships. WTF! Either you are sleeping with a corpse or an animal. It is certainly an unenviable position to be in a marriage that is lacking in those functions. Yet, precisely some couples are going through that phase. A marriage that is devoid of any meaningful sex and the resultant miscommunication.

Some would seek medical or psychological help while others would just break up and drift apart. For the poor, there is nothing they can do about it while the rich may go to those sex experts to cure their kinky problems.

Would you make love with your wife in front of a third person?

Some men or women have exhibitionist tendencies. They can perform better sexually when they know that they are being watched. They feel like performing on stage and want to show off their techniques or brag about their sexual prowess.

There is a Dr. Love who not only gives advice but will watch the couples perform sex .According to the doctor, he would be able to know if they are doing it the right way. He is not a simple doctor and only does it for extreme cases . His services is neither cheap.

When those people who have sexual problems which no one or medical science can cure them, they could try this unorthodox method. It would take more than just money to get his attention and treatment.

You get paid handsomely for watching and this is sure one ‘helluva’ kind of job .Where do you draw the line between professionalism and voyeurism? Only the good doctor knows.

Is there a money back guarantee?


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Would You Get Pregnant Before Your Mr. Right?

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If you are in your 30 something and still not married, would you go ahead to get pregnant when you cannot even see a glimpse of your Mr. Right? Is this a sensible thing?

You think, if you don’t try to have a baby, you may not have the chance as women in the 30 something, the fertility drops and getting pregnant is not easy. You may miss the window of opportunity to have your own children. It could be your final chance. You may try to have unprotected sex with your present boyfriend to get pregnant and then leave everything to fate.

If you are a working woman, you may think it is ripe for you to have your own kid and become a single parent if the man does not want to have a relationship with you. Thinking and doing are two different things. They may think they can handle being a single parent. If they make enough, they can afford a nanny to look after the kid. Otherwise, I think it can be a big financial burden if you cannot afford a baby sitter .The two of you will have to depend on your salary alone.

If you want to have a baby, you need to plan well. You need to have financial maturity, emotional maturity and a loving relationship in order to enjoy parenthood. Without those factors, you will have a very hard and trying times, not only for you but also your love ones or your extended families that will have to pick up your slack. Your child will also suffer.

It is like buying an expensive car. You may be able to afford the down payments but you cannot afford the high installments and the costly maintenance of such luxury cars.

If your emotional, biological and practical urges to get pregnant is very strong, may God help you. Only you yourself will know the reason why you are shagging frequently with the men. Most men would not shy from having sex with a woman. Only those who fear God and there are not many  on this planet.


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Can You Live Without Sex?

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There are those who can live without sex and there are those who think they will die if there is no sex. There are reports and studies which said sex can make one live longer .There are people who live up to 109 and have no sex. Who do we believe?

What happens when you have sex?

Sex stimulates the production of hormones that give pleasure (dopamine) and lighten your mood (serotonin). An act of love also produces endorphins – so called hormones of happiness .These hormones are the natural body’s antidepressant and tranquilizer.

We don’t need to see a doctor or waste our money on expensive medications.. Have more sex will make us happy and healthy. If this is true, there will be plenty of happily married couples but why is the divorce rate going up? Having more sex does not solve all your problems. I wish it would but that is just a wishful thinking.

Luckily, sex is not the only way you can increase those hormones. If you don’t have sex, you can always DIY to create that same effects or heighten state of sexual arousal. You can eat a special diet of bread, bananas, chocolate, fig, sugar, milk, fat fish and broccoli contain tryptophan amino acid that raises your serotonin levels.

You can participate in activities like shopping, sports, games and funs .Blog with passion; this will increase your happiness hormones. Mix more with the younger and more positive person. You would then feel young at heart.

Sex is great but getting there can be hard work and sacrifice and the result may not be what you expected. Want to buy just the milk alone or buy the whole cow?

You can be happy with or without sex. Life is not just about sex.

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Can You Urinate Inside Of Her During Sex?

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This is a funny question. I believed it is impossible to urinate when the man is inside the woman. When you want to ejaculate, your bladder is blocked and only semen comes out.

You can only urinate when you are completely withdrawn from her. This too will need some time to adjust and you just cannot pee immediately.

Maybe, some person can and when they are in coitus, who can tell who is urinating? LOL! Actually, it is not urine but pre cum and mixed with the women’s lubrications , they add up to overflow and wet the bed.

Do you have this problem with your partner? Somebody has leaky pipes or faulty valves .

Do you find having a bladder full before sex is better than an empty bladder? They don’t feel the same. If your bladder is full, you will have a short and intense sex while an empty bladder will be slower and more prolong and suits the women.



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