Is online sex really cheating ?

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If you are married or in a relationship and suddenly find your partner having a virtual relationship or online sex with another, what would you do ?

There are always two sides to a coin. It depends on where you stand on the great divide and your understanding of the issues, whether you are an open and liberal minded or a conservative ,traditional or an intolerant person.

Women and men are different in many aspects and  may not see the same issues with the same perspective. They may not share the same views over the same issues.

I think the general consensus is that women are not infavour of online sex by their partners as  most of them consider it as cheating. Even though it is not on the physical side but it is on the psychological and mental side  which is just as damaging to her self esteem and confidence.

It is just as bad because the thought is there and it may later manifest into the physical side when they ended up meeting each other in the real world.

There could be something missing in the relationship when a man or woman  have online sex. It is probably the marriage or relationship have turned lack luster and they are drifting apart.

Women tend to have a narrow concept of the infidelity issue and they tend to focus on those small details which can lead their men from going astray. Such actions like flirting , SMS, ogling ,e-mails or any form of contact with another female can be considered as cheating in their eyes.

There are even some small numbers of females who are so extreme as to want to control what their men think ,do or see. Anything which is different from their norms would be considered as cheating . Pity those men who are in relationship with such a strong and controlling woman.

A minority may think that online sex can help them with their real relationships as those virtuals can stimulate and reinvigorate their dull partnerships. A little bit may be good but too much of it may harm the relationship as the guilty one may neglect his real partner and in the end may lead to a full blown affair or dissatisfaction with the old.

If your partner feels strongly about it, then you ought to respect her decisions and stay off limits; if you want a long lasting relationship with her.

I suppose you may dream about it but you should not do it in the virtual world. You will expose your thoughts and no one especially your partner would like to see or hear those private and inner thoughts of yours. Put yourself in the other shoe .

It maybe fun and enjoyable but think of the consequences and the price you will have to pay for it. Some may not consider it as cheating but you could probably be opening the door for the devil to come tempt you .

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3 Responses to “Is online sex really cheating ?”

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Of course its not cheating i swung my wang on my webcam so many times.. But the real issue is not the cheating aspect of cyber sex… its the aspect of getting cyber HIV, now some of you may laugh at this, but i swear that last girl i had cyber sex with gave me genital herpes.. The herpes gave me an irrating itch all the time.. And before this i had only had actual sex one time, it was a one night stand, but she was drunk and was at a party and just got out of a room with some1 then came on to me and she said she was a virgin.. So i couldn’t have possibly got the herpes from her..

But that girl on the cyber cam, you could just tell she got around.. I should sue and get my money back! the cyber sex wasn’t even that great..

*angry face* 😡

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