The tragic tale of Baby P.

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It is a very shocking,horror and despicable crime which was perpetuated by a crazed and vile man . The social workers visited him 60 times and was not aware of the seriousness of the injuries that was inflicted on Baby P.

If only that social worker was more observant or more inquisitive, he would still be alive today. That social worker was overloaded with too many child protection cases and failed to detect and intervene in this case.

She could not be blamed because of the huge work load allotted to her. It is a very stressful job and they get blamed for any unfortunate incident.

The mother too is to be faulted because she allowed her man to inflict such grotesque and gross mistreatment of her child.

It is deeply regrettable that the social services have failed in preventing the death of the baby .The cute, blond and blue eye baby was born unfortunately into a wrong family . May his soul rest in peace and his tormentors will receive their just rewards.

A teenager who lived in the same council house and who was a witness to the litany of tortures came out and told the unforgettable and unforgivable sad tale.

He was tortured endlessly and had his back bone broken .It is very sad and tragic when the news broke out that he died under the hands of that cruel and sadistic torturer.

I cannot imagine anyone would treat a cute baby with such hatred and destroy a life.I hope the social service would learned from this lesson and prevent another similar case from happening.

Child abuse is a very sick crime.The child is innocent and any adult can abuse a child if he is not careful or goes into a rage. Know your boundaries and do not cross them as you can hurt the child and later regret your actions.

Seek help if you think you have a problem. I have seen some parents who can fly into a rage because of their stress and harm their children though excessive physical punishments .

The children is not your punching bag and their bodies are not protected like an adult. You may hurt their internal organs even with a moderate force.

Your child is precious. He maybe naughty but it is not a good cause to hurt him or make him suffer for his whole life. There are other ways to reprimand a child and violence against a child is not recommended and it is a crime.

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5 Responses to “The tragic tale of Baby P.”

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it is only highlighted because it happened in the western world. i think possibly it happens unreported in other countries too which is the saddest part

Laura1318:- It is usually reported when the baby is dead. That is the saddest part. In the other 3rd world countries, there is no mechanism to prevent such cases and the law of the jungle operates there.

this tale is so sad. there shud hav been somebody to protect the child. the system failed

Laura1318:-If the mother cannot protect her child, the child is doomed unless the case is highlighted or exposed.Bureaucratic red tapes and system overload failed to detect and save him.

Reason why is great to be a gay 🙂
You have a normal and healthy relationship with your mother. Joke 😉

It’s very tragedy story.

Laura1318:- Thanks for visiting my blog. Anyone wants to go for a holiday in Pattaya ?

As old as the hills 😛

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