Brain maggots or live worms in the brain!

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Rosemary Alvarez, from Arizona in the US, underwent surgery after experiencing numbness in her arm and blurred vision.

The operation was to remove a supposed ‘brain tumour’ but instead got a surprise when they came across a live worm instead.

How did the worm ended up there in her head ? That is quite a mystery. I do know that there are sometimes worms in the intestines or in the digestive tracts through the food we eat.

Most children one time or another have worm problems because of their unhygienic conditions. They do not wash their hands properly after the toilet and as a result they contracted those worms .

The worms could enter the brains through a wound or boils on the head and if untreated , the infections may cause those flies to lay their eggs on the wound and maggots to bore through the flesh and decaying bones to enter the brain.

There was another case of a man who consumed too many ‘sushi’s’ and caused worm infestations of his brain . Mr. Shota Fujiwara . a Japanese man from Gifu Prefecture had a persistent complain about an incessant headache.Worms were literally crawling out from his head. When a major surgery was performed on him , the full extent of the infestation was horrible.

Raw fish and meat contains those tapeworms and roundworms and their eggs. If they are eaten raw or half cooked, they may survive and breed in the human body.

Those worms and their eggs can only be destroyed by proper cooking or freezing them thoroughly for a week or more.

Many of us love ‘sushi’ and in Japan, it is a way of life. If you get the worms in your brain, then you are a pretty unlucky guy. Maybe , you may get it from some other things you eat in your diet or from wounds in your head.

Let’s hope that we are not infected or impregnated with some strange alien worms from another planet like we see in those scifi flicks on screens. LOL!

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One Response to “Brain maggots or live worms in the brain!”

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The story about the Japanese man was already familiar to me, however I wonder if he survived the operation. If so, is he healthy now, is he disabled, are there still worms in his head?

Laura1318:- I do not have the information’s for you but I think he is still living . I don’t think you can eradicate it completely because there is a probability of eggs or some worms hidden deeply inside his brain. .

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