Why does sex changes a relationship?

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Can a man and a woman be good friends and not be sexually attracted to each other ?

Will those emotional forces be unleashed and run riot when they are together in the right place and time .

Will their humanly instincts of procreation’s come forth and take them to where they do not want to go ?

These are the questions where there are no definite answers. Some will succumbed to those emotional forces which they are unable to control .They do not know what they are dealing with .

Sex may mean different things to different people .But once when sex happens between two very good friends of the opposite sex, the relationship is bound to change

The men or the women would feel differently towards each other. It will no more be the same and they will be unable to revert back to the old levels of friendship.

Sex means commitment to some men. If they have sex with prostitutes, they know it is just a mere transaction.

If they have sex with their woman friend, it brings on a different meaning in the relationship.It changes the dynamics of a relationship.

He will feel the need to love, provide and protect the woman . This is just an instinct in men , except for those conman who are only after sex .

When a man have sex, waves of love will generate from him towards her.He will mostly agree to everything you asked from him after you have had sex with him.

Of course most women would not do that because it would feel like they are prostituting themselves.

Even though men are not as emotional as women , they have emotions too. Sex brings on a different emotions to them.

They will have to ponder if they want to stay at his level or commit themselves to the woman.

Yes! They are also scared that the women could be using sex and pregnancy to bait them into a marriage or commitment.

If you want to maintain the close friendship level , you should not cross the thin red line.

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Aversions to oral sex ?

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There are still some countries which have archaic laws against oral sex or sex against the natural order of things. You can be fined , caned or jailed.

Some women do not enjoy oral sex or feels no benefits from it.

It could be their strong inhibitions or taboo’s in their culture or mental blocks or some sexual traumas which prevented them from enjoying it.

When a woman is made to feel that she has to perform oral sex because it is her duty to her husband/boyfriend, because he wants and enjoys it, or because she’s being controlled, she loses any real desire and therefore any chance of ever enjoying it herself.

Withholding oral sex on her or manipulating her would backfire on you.She would resent your attitude and would kill off her sexual desires for you.

Do you want to have sex with her for your own selfish desires or to pleasure and make her orgasm.

Ideally , it should work out both ways but when one partner has an aversion to oral sex, there is nothing much you can do about it but to accept it in your stride.

You should put her at ease without any expectations
or insist on oral sex. Allow her to choose when ,where and what she can do together.

It is like dancing. She may not like those fast numbers but prefer those slow one’s. You need to respect her , give her the control and encourage her efforts.

Encourage her to come out of her timidity and give her encouragement when she does the right things.

You need to teach each other about your bodies and the pleasures it brings but if she does not like it, you should not force upon her .

Go along with her wishes as this would make her feel love and appreciated and she won’t feel pressured to perform.


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Do women still link sex to love ?

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We have been told that generally women cannot have sex without love . How far is this true ?

Is it possible for a girl to have casual sex without any emotional attachments?

Can women compartmentalize sex like the men ? Can they separate sexual pleasures from a need of affection ,future commitments and emotional bondings?

It all depends on who she is , whether she is the loose and promiscuous type or the normal average Jane. We are excluding those hookers who sell sex for money.

Initially , she may think that having casual sex without the love is fun and exciting but after sometime , she will be in conflict with her inner self .

Like those young men who sow their wild oats, she will be crazy after she is aware of her sexuality. There is a time for that but later on , she will find it is no more fun.

She wants to be serious and only have sex with someone whom she likes and loves .

How could you go out with someone you don’t like and let alone have sex with him ?

She must have sufficient attraction or fondness or receive emotional signals from the men before it can trigger her sexual response.

Sex without love is no more acceptable to her. She is now aware of the power of her sex and the merits it can received.

Sex is linked to love to enjoy the closeness and the bonds between them. Without love , sex is just an empty thing and she could feel being used, dirty or cheap. She is wired to think that way.

Women want to be loved and desired.They need the little attentions and approvals from the men. A man who listens ,cares and show their compassion’s and love for them.

Those men need to have those qualities before it can ignite and turn their flame on.

Since men and women are wired differently ,sexual arousal of women seems to be about the emotionals, whereas men are visuals.

Women want a romantic and affectionate relationship with men and the love life cannot be handled the business like way as in the career path .

Many women may fare well in their careers but when it comes to their love life’s,they will flop

Sex is still linked to love. It is their social conditioning and the battle need to be fought in her mind.

Yeah! She can be physically aroused if you press her right buttons,but it does not mean that she is truly interested in sex or enjoy it.

If he wants to have sex with her , he will need to invest his time , energy and affections to make her feel secure and there is a possibility of emotional commitment and marriage.

Without any love and emotional involvements by him, she will feel emotionally depressed and negative feelings will make her feel being used , degraded ,humiliated and anger.

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Ouch! That hurts!

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A 56 year old Belgium man’s willy was bitten and was nearly severed during sex with a Thai woman in Pattaya, Thailand .

She was jealous of his other affair with another Thai woman. Don’t play – play with a Thai woman or for the matter ,any women. You will learn to regret the hard lessons in life.

He may get to sew it back on but
whether he will be able regain it’s function will be another matter.

They quarrelled after she came to know about his other affair. It is always dangerous to make love to a woman when her anger have not subsided .

You need to make up with her first or otherwise you will face the dire consequences.She could feel being used and dirty when you touch her.

Her revulsion can be so great that deep hatred would form in her heart. Once it takes root, the devil in her would be released from her inner dark dungeons.

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!” It can be a moment of insanity or the devil took over her driver’s seat.

She could not control her emotions and anger any longer and the opportunity to revenge on his unfaithfulness presented on her lap.

Some abused women may not have the chance to sleep together but they will have diabolical schemes to snip off or cut off their manhood. It is the only way she thinks he should be punished for his sins.

The are other ways in which women can pay back the men for their unfaithfulness and mental tortures or abuse. In some countries , the laws are on the sides of the women.

Do not think that they are docile , timid and incapable of such acts. Treat them with much respects if you want to get the best from them.

If you think you want to steal another woman’s kiss , think of this poor guy. You could be lucky once, but you will not be that lucky always.

A woman’s lips is always sweet… but it’s fruit is always bitter.

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Will you have sex everyday ?

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Want to rediscover the passions, romance and excitements in your otherwise dull and listless marriage/partnership ?

There is hope and it does not cost you a bomb.What you have to do is to re tune your ‘off timing’ and make some adjustments by tightening or loosening some screws in your brain.

Sex is the barometer of the health of your marriage. The more sex you have , the more healthy will be your marriage. The lack of sex will lead your marriage sliding down the steep and slippery abyss.

Love and sex are the two most important twin pillars in a marriage .You cannot have only one without the other.

A marriage is based on trust, intimacy, passion and respect . Many modern couples are too busy or too tired to have sex .

What they want is to fall down on the bed and rest at the end of the day and sex is furthest from their mind .

The absence of sex will slowly corrode their marriage as it will be like the breaking of an iceberg into two and floating away from each other.Soon a wide chasm will develop and it would be difficult to bridge them.

Having more sex is good for your body and soul as it releases those feel good chemicals called dopamine and also releases your stress. It will help you to look young , beautiful and happy.

It is the most intimate and supreme moments of the union when your body ,soul and spirit becomes united as one .A bond that is so strong that no one can separate them.

You should do it more often to extract more of those elixirs of love.
Whether you are in the mood or not , you should just do it.

Making s/he satisfied with pleasure is itself satisfactory and fulfilling. The men should be wary and not say or do stupid things to dampen her mood for love.

There are words which are like golden keys which will open her doors and words that will cut and pierce her heart. It is only ‘words’ but they mean so much to her. She needs constant reassurance of your love and validate her existence.

The women should wear some light makeups and lipsticks and be sexy at home or their sloppy looks would kill the man’s sexual desires.

In theory, everything is easy but in reality there are obstacles to overcome with your partner.

You will need to consult with her first and sell her that idea or you could be branded as a sex maniac .If you only want the sex but does not show her the love for her.

In some couples, there could be a brick wall between them and dismantling that wall can take some time.

Just looking at their partners can turn some of them off or puke , let alone coming near them and having sex. These people will need professional help or the cancer will set in their marriage and destroy them.

Having sex everyday without the love and understandings will make the other feel being used or abused .

It is no guarantee that you will increase the intimacies or excitements in your marriage. It is not a panacea for all the ills in your marriage.

There is no harm trying and you may hit the jackpot. Who knows,your life may improve tremendously and you will see the world in a more positive light.

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Sex slave to dad and brother !

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A 13-year-old Malaysian girl claimed that she had been a sex slave to the father ,42 and brother ,15 for the last four years.

How come the mother does not know anything at all or was she an accomplice or fearful of her husband wrath’s.

Surely there are tell tale signs when the daughter is undergoing through those traumas. Either she is blind or she purportedly ignored her daughter’s cries.

She failed in her duty as a parent to protect her daughter from those low life creatures. Now , she must suffer those consequences for her inaction.

If this is true,it is indeed a very sad day for humanity. Her very own father and brother who is supposed to protect her ,violated her sanctity and honour and treated her with total disdain and contempt .

It is a very shameful , cowardly and disgraceful act perpetrated on a very young and innocent child .Those perpetrators are really sick in their minds .

This brings to mind the most vile case that happened in Austria.

A 73-year-old Austrian man,Josef Fritzl has confessed to imprisoning his daughter in a windowless cellar for 24 years and fathering her seven children.(http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2008/04/28/sex-slave-father-confesses-to-locking-daughter-in-cellar-for-24-years-115875-20397801/)

Why do these men commit the most foul,perverse and dastardly acts on their own children?

According to some psychologist, it could be attributed to the abuse they suffered when they were a child and they became emotional handicaps and developed personality disorders and serious sexual disorders.

When they grew up, they followed in their parents tradition as it was a normal practice for them. Abuse begets abuse.

Are they humans or beastly creatures of the lowest order ? Yeah! Low life creatures that is even below those wild animals .

These low life creatures should be locked up for good and the keys thrown into the deepest ocean.

They have committed incest and have destroyed their children’s future.

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Do women enjoy foreplay ?

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It is generally thought that foreplay is a prerequisite if you want to make love to a woman. She takes a longer time to get aroused and she will not enjoy the sex if the men just dived in for the main act.Most men may think only of the physical side without the emotional and mental foreplay.

Some men would be half hearted or do it mechanically without any emotions or care about the woman’s feelings.They poke, pinch, fiddle and grope until the woman became impatient or bored and lose their interest.Some women may fake orgasms and some men may fake foreplay’s.

It is no surprise when some women just lie like a log or like a corpse waiting for it to finish. It could even be insulting when the woman reads a book while her man is boinking away.

A recent survey found that women did not enjoy the physical aspects of foreplay and considered it a waste of time . This survey may not be true in other places.It is unfortunate that the men in that area was cast into a bad light.The act of foreplay could probably mean different things to men and women.

For the men , it could be touching ,stroking ,cuddling, caressing, kissing , licking and those more adventurous types ,some meaningless lovey-dovey praises for her.

While the women may enjoy those physical carnal pleasures , it is not enough for them as they need to be mentally , emotionally and psychologically fired up too. Whispering sweet nothings into their ears shows that you have not morphed into an animal performing their carnal instincts.

Talking in a loving and appreciative manner,giving them surprises and helping them with their burdens are another form of foreplay’s.

The build up is more exciting as it creates the tensions, expectations and the imaginations. Her mind will be like a fertile soil where all kinds of imaginations will grow.

The way leading up to a women for sex may involve not only the physical but also the emotional build up . The sensitive men would be more in tuned with her moods.

Perhaps the modern day liberated women do not enjoy foreplays because they have no time with their busy schedules or they have acquired the ‘maleness’ in them .

If you want to improve your relationship and love making , you will need to polish up your foreplay’s according to her ways .Treat her with lots of respect and dignity and not treat her like a sex toy, only being there for her when you wanted it.

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My Husband Has Lost Interest In Sex With Me !

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Sex is the barometer of the health of your marriage. If your sex life is lousy or non existent, your marriage is in the dumps. Men and women have different sex drive and they can have sex until their ripe old age.

It is usually the men who initiate the sex and when they do not, the woman will have to take over. The man’s sudden lack of sexual desire for her can be very frustrating and perplexing.

She will have a gamut of emotions running through her veins. Is it her fault that he has lost interest in sex ?It may not be entirely her fault but she could have contributed to his predicament.

There could be many reasons for his lack of interest and she will have to find out the real reasons . Is it because of stress, ED, he is not into her anymore ,an affair,addiction to porn,problems in their relationship, his age, gay… etc.

Most of the time , the arrival of a baby can be a trying time and this can bring new changes in their relationships as the woman has to devote a greater part of her time for the newborn and the men may feel neglected as a result.

What can the women do to make him regain his interest back ?

She may try to change her wardrobe or overhaul her complete image and use more of those aphrodisiac. She could ask him to take more nutritious foods, exercise and sleep more to recharge his tired batteries.

She should communicate with him and understand his feelings and give him some time to readjust his emotional hang ups. If there is no change, they should seek professional help .If she still love him , she will have to resigned to her fate or the worst, dump him and look for another hot guy.

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More Sex Or No Sex ?

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More sex is good for your health or no sex is preferred?

Clara Meadmore, having remained a virgin all her life, recently celebrated her 105th birthday in the U.K. She attributed her longevity to having no sex.

How much is this true ? Does having sex or too much sex contribute to the early demise of men ? Is it more beneficial to our bodies and minds when there is no sex? Do those people who have no sex enjoy their life ?

There are no definite answers and each of us will try to answer those questions according to our own knowledge and experiences.

A more rational and balance view would be some where between the two extremes. I think most men would wish to have a greater sex life than what they are getting now. Sex can be healthy or unhealthy depending on one’s outlook and psychological makeup.

Sex is not a commodity where you can it turn on and off when you like especially to a woman.. It is easier for a man to have sex than a woman because the man does not have to worry about being pregnant and all those emotional and psychological factors.

To a man , it is just an animalistic act and they get it done over with and feel nothing but sexually relieved.They can even have sex with a bicycle or any innate things .They may feel the wave of love for their partner after the sex act but it is only for a short duration and they go back to who they are .They are able to compartmentalize their thoughts whereas women are unable or have difficulty doing so.

For some women , not having sex is beneficial to them as they do not have to worry about their partners whether they are having affairs behind their backs. There is always a nagging fear and worries about their partners as some or most of them are insecure and worries about many things which are sometimes unconnected to them.

Sex is not a big deal and rather it is a form of rewards and punishments according to some woman’s opinion. Women give sex in order to receive love. if there is love, the sex will be the next progression and it is natures way of a long and lasting relationship.

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Can You have Sex Everyday ?

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If you want to spice up your boring and dull sex life , you can make a pact with your spouse to have sex everyday . Try it and see what is your record of the number of days of having sex everyday. Throw the challenge to your partner and see if your love life and the quality of your life will improve for the better.

You may have to overcome some of your sexual inhibitions or sexual taboo’s. Many men do not relish having sex with the wife when she is having her periods. Some women may get more horny during her periods and there is no harm having sex . It is just some psychological and social taboos in some society which consider it dirty or unclean .,

A couple in the UK set themselves to the challenge of having sex for 101 consecutive days . Everyday , you will have to put aside some time and effort to share your intimate moments together.

Most modern working couples have every thing except either time or money or both. If you have kids, it is even harder to spare more time for each other. There is no time to speak or chat with each other let alone having the time for sex.

After they come back from work , they are already a spent force and all the juice is used up. All they want to do is to fall down on to the bed, roll over and fall asleep after doing some light house chores or putting the children to sleep.

The number of times you have sex in a week can tell the health of your marriage. Sex is like the barometer of your marriage health . The more you do it , the more healthy is your marriage . If you are doing it every week , your marriage is very healthy and strong. On the other scale , if you are only doing it once a month or three months or more , then your marriage health is very poor.

A study from the Kinsey Institute found 18-29 year olds have sex, on average, 112 times per year, while 30 to 39-year-olds manage it 86 times. Those in the 40-49 year old bracket do it 69 times per year.

You will have to explore and try out different ways of making love to each other . For you cannot do the missionary position everyday or you will get tired of it. You could try out some wild sex, kinky sex or try it any where except the bedroom. Wear some sexy outfits and use some sex toys to spice up the excitements and fun.

Be more adventurous and explore all those caves and nooks and make life more interesting . Everyday is not the same . There will be up and down days but no matter what happens, you must share your love intimately everyday and this is the best time of the day where you only have each other and nothing comes in between.

There will be times when you feel you are not in the mood for sex and so sex becomes a chore or a duty.

You are only human and have limitations .The quality of your sex life may suffer. You will be doing it like robots after sometime ; without much enjoyment and it may even become a tedious task and without any meanings.

Everything done in moderations is good and any thing excessive is bad for your health . The experience will make you a better and understanding person.

Can you go the distance ? Dare to take up the challenge?

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