The Predators & Vultures On The Road.

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If you are unfortunate to have met with an accident and lay unconscious or immobilized, your belongings will be gone, cleaned out by those predators and vultures who under the guise of wanting to help you.


These people are without any compassions or mercy and take advantage of the situation to enrich themselves. They become the highway robber through default .


It is a God send opportunity to pretend to be good Samaritans in front of others but in reality they are the crooks of the worst kind. These people are depraved, sick and inhuman. When one steal , the rest follows.They prey on the misfortunes of others.


When a lorry overturns, people will rush in to take the goods as though the goods have fallen from the sky. They have no qualm about taking those goods even though they know it is stealing. They are not afraid of the punishment from God.” Thou shall not steal!”


In Seremban , Malaysia, a Mr.Chong Seng Satt met with an accident and while his friend lay dead, his wallet was stolen and his necklace was gone. Even if they were not gone, by the time he reaches the hospital, nothing would have left on him. This is a very sad state of affairs. Those people are like vultures, they will pick him clean..


Nothing will ever change. This is the type of primitive society that we live in.


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After thinking about what I said prior to this reply, I decided what I said was not right and was hurtful in many ways. I apologize to the author of this piece and in the future intend to keep my feelings to myself.

Once again I would like to apologize to the author and hope I can keep my mouth shut in the future.
Kindest Regards

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I apologize if i offended anyone in this reply.
Kindest Regards

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