Conned Into Carrying Drugs.

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They became the unwitting mules of those drug syndicates when they applied for those high paying jobs. Umi Azlim Mohamad Lazim 23 ,a Universiti Malaysia Sabah graduate in Biological Science is now on death row in China for trafficking nearly 3 kilo’s of heroin .

She got the lucrative courier job from an internet site. There are 69 other Malaysians held in China alone relating to drug cases. If you are new and your present job requires you to travel overseas, be wary.

Umi Azlim pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve by the Shantou Intermediate Court in May.

In China, all death sentences, immediate or suspended, are reviewed by the Supreme People’s Court. Sentences with a two-year reprieve could be commuted to life imprisonment with good behavior.

She was detained at Shantou Airport on Jan 19. She hails from Kelantan , a state in the North East of Malaysia. There are others like her being detained in other countries for drug related crimes and awaiting their fate.

Her parents were allowed to see their eldest daughter recently. It is very heartbreaking and there is nothing the Malaysian government can do for her. May God be merciful to her.

Job seekers should be wary of those who pay high salaries for little work done .

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Boobs On A Man’s Leg?

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Whenever Lane Jensen, a Canadian editor of a body art and tattoo magazine walks in the public, people will sure to ogle and stare at his shin .He had a tattoo of a buxom lady on his shin. To give the lady a more voluptuous look, he had a boob job for her. Now he has got the most outstanding shin in the country.

How come they are still using silicone implants? I thought they were outlawed. The silicone could leak and make him sick.

If it is so easy to have boobs , what will make some crazy to have more than 2 boobs. Have you seen a woman or a man with 4 or more boobs? Do they really exist? I have seen pictures of 4 boobs but I am not sure if it is a doctored picture.

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A Morbid Death Themed Hotel.

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A very resourceful woman Jiao Meige, is planning to open an eerie, creepy , ghostly and authentic  hotel, if you can call it a hotel, to be located right in the middle of a graveyard in Lishui town in Jiangsu province of China.

Who would in the right frame of mind want to go and stay in such a place? There are plenty of cemeteries everywhere and you don’t have to pay a cent. If there is any unusual or bizarre phenomenon, then people may go there to experience it. Stories like seeing a picture of Jesus or Virgin Mary or to the Chinese, about striking it rich in lotteries.

The Chinese people are a very superstitious lot and I don’t think any would want to try this crazy stunt. Maybe some crazy Westerners who pass by that way and in need of accommodation and want to try this morbid adventure. If you are thinking of a good night sleep, then you can forget about it. LOL!

She rented the land from a farmer and intended to farm it but found that many of the farmers and previous owners had built the tombs for their ancestors and loved ones. There is no zoning or a proper cemetery in that part of the country.
Probably, she did not survey the land first before renting it.

The Chinese being superstitious, dare not exhumed those graves and were fearful of threading or stepping on those graves. She could not find any workers to work on that land. Stuck in the middle of the cemetery, an idea was born out of the mother of invention. I wish her all the best and hope that her venture into the tourism industry will bear fruit.. I don’t think I want to sleep with the devil…LOL!

Rest in peace and hope you will meet a very beautiful and sexy lady ghost or Count Dracula..

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The Almost Perfect Crime Of The Century.

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He got tired of hiding from the law and staying in a foreign land and he decided to return to his own country, claiming that he had lost his memory.

He faked his death in a canoe accident to claim insurance payout Even his two sons thought he was really dead. Darwin walked into a police station in London last weekend — five years after the remains of a red canoe he paddled into the North Sea, off northeastern England, washed up on shore near his home of Seaton Carew.

His body was not found and was presumed dead. He was declared dead by a coroner in 2003, 13 months after his disappearance in March 2002.

John Darwins ,57 a former prisons officer and his wife Anne 55 were arrested on fraud charges. They had 12 flats and houses for rent. This is no mean feat. Owning so many flats and houses and renting them out.

He should have died or totally changed his face by plastic surgery and live in another planet. Coming home was a mistake and he will have to pay for his crime. Everything will be gone. All his ill gotten gains will have to be returned and he will spend the rest of his life in jail. An almost perfect crime perpetuated if he had not gone back to his homeland.

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The Miracle Baby Who Was Given No Hope .

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‘Rachael had been born minutes before – weighing a mere 20oz – and had only minutes to live. Her heart was beating once every ten seconds and she was not breathing.’

Doctors had given her up and the mother, Carolyn Isbister could only looked on in dismay and powerless to do anything. It is so heart wrenching when you see your baby slowly slipping away. No one could do anything to help her live and only a miracle from God could save her.

She instinctly lifted her baby out of her blanket and placed her on her chest. She said: “I didn’t want her to die being cold. So I lifted her out of her blanket and put her against my skin to warm her up. Her feet were so cold.”

Then a miracle happened, the warmth of the mother’s body kick started her heartbeat into a rhythmic beat and she breathes normally. Was it only the warmth of her body or the baby recognizes the place of her home for 9 months and recovered. The familiar surroundings may have helped her heart to recover. It was a miracle.

The doctors were still not hopeful. The parents had her blessed by a chaplain and the baby grew from strength to strength. She was taken off the ventilator after five weeks and she could breastfed her. After four months, they were allowed to take her home.

Her name is  Rachael and what a remarkable baby. God will her to live. Her mother’s love and faith saved her.

There was another incredible and miracle baby who lived . She was given up hope by the medical doctors until her brother sang the same song to her and she recovered . Her brother used to sing to her when she was in her mother’s womb.

God Bless her .


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Luncheon Meat Contaminated.

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Hong Kong authorities said they found unsafe chemicals in canned luncheon meat, contaminated with the antibiotic nitrofurans which is thought to cause cancer.

Stay away from luncheon meat for now that comes from a certain country.

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Dried Noodles Killed 4 Chinese Schoolchildren!

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Four Chinese school children died after eating a dried-noodle snack in the poor southern province of Yunnan. It is very sad and tragic to lose those little children because of somebody’s greed to make more money out of those foodstuffs.

To those parents we offer our sincere sympathies and hope that the govt. would catch those culprits who murdered them .Those people could have used illegal substance into the making of those snack noodles.

After eating them, they frothed at the mouth and lapsed into unconsciousness and were pronounced dead in the hospital.

China has also come under fire for a string of quality scandals involving products including food, toothpaste, drugs and toys.

Now, any food items with the ‘Made in China’ labels are suspect unless they are vetted by the govt. Most of the food poisoning cases seem to happen in the rural areas in China where the enforcement is lacking.

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Teacher Caught Shoplifting !

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If you walk out of a supermarket and were caught by the guards and cannot prove that you have paid for those goods, you have technically committed shoplifting which is a crime.

The guards have to be very careful and absolutely sure that you have taken the goods without paying. Otherwise, the management can be sued for causing injury to your reputation and integrity, if you are someone important and know the law.

If you are caught red handed, whatever your excuses are, you are still a thief. If you are a teacher, you have committed the fax paux. Was this the first time or he did it so many times and got braver ?

Shoplifting is a form of sickness. Some rich people do it even when they can afford those items. Stealing and getting pass the system gives them the thrills and the kicks. They find it so easy to take things without paying that they become bolder and don’t think the management will call the police or understand the full weight of the law.

What happens to him now? If he is charged and found guilty, will he lose his job as a teacher? That is a very big price to pay for some small items.

Stealing is wrong and when you are a teacher that is even worse than the crime.

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Prostitute Auctions Sex For Charity .

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A Chilean hooker Maria Carolina is auctioning her services for charity. She has auctioned 27 hours of sex for about $4,000 to raise money for a national charity. She became a prostitute to support her children when she was abandoned by her husband

Maria Carolina went on national television Friday to make her announcement, and since then has become the country’s most famous prostitute.

The money was raised during the two day ‘Teleton’ for a charity which helps poor and disabled children. Prostitution is legal in the country but the organizer of the event has criticized her fundraising activities, but will still accept the money.

Since prostitution is legal in Chile, it is not filthy or immoral except if you think along religious and ethical lines. Since she is a prostitute by design and want to do her part, no one should criticize her for her good deeds. We know how she earns her money.

God looks at a person’s heart. Good or bad, we should not judge her .She did not steal those money and it is not a crime in Chile. The good men can forward to donate to her and do not have to use her services.

There are of course some of those self righteous and judgmental who think it is wrong .Money earned this way is a sin. In some pagan religions , young women had to become prostitutes in the temple during the time of Jesus.

Of course if she did it privately and without much fun fair, it would have been much better. If you want to give, let not the right hand know what the left hand is doing.

When you go to the press and announced your charitable deeds, you are not doing the right way. She has now become more famous and her services will be in more demand. Maybe , this is what she wanted.

Those who ask for charity should not be too choosy.Don’t ask where the money come from . It is not about religion or moral issues but for the welfare of those kids.

There are charitable organizations which engage private companies on their behalf to collect donations .These companies  employ young people to sell cards, toys and stationeries and donate a part of their incomes to charities. It  has been found that the charitable organizations do not receive much from those donations . It would be better to donate directly to those charitable organizations.

More info ; Google – Maria Carolina

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Highway Toll Increase – Jan 1st !

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The toll on six highways will be raised by between 7.69% and 50% on Jan 1 but rates on four major ones, including the closed-toll portion of the North-South Expressway (NSE), will be maintained.

The highways where toll will be increased are the

1)      Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (SPDH),

2)       North-South Central Link (Elite),

3)      the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE),

4)      The Second Link, the New North Klang Straits Bypass (NNKSB),

5)      The two ends of the NSE at the Johor Causeway and

6)      The Bukit Kayu Hitam toll plaza


The reason for increasing toll rates at some of the highways was because there was low traffic. What kind of logic is that? They should reduce the toll to encourage more volume. If I am not in a hurry, I will drive by the old highway even if it is more expensive than traveling through the toll roads.

If you think the increase is unfair, don’t use the toll roads or ride a motorbike or a battery operated bicycle.


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