A man’s word is not cast in stones!

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A man’s word is not ‘cast in stone’ unlike God’s word.

What a man said is only valid at that particular moment or maybe 24 hours or 1 week and after that it is no more valid or has become inapplicable.

Many women kept those words said by men for 20 or 30 years and some till even their dying days.It is so dumb to believe those words said by man like the Gospel truth.

What they said at one moment can be forgotten in a few minutes or hours and they conveniently do not remember them after wards and go about doing their usual thing without a care.

While the women are carrying those hurts every minute of their walking life.
Those hurtful words are like arrows shot at their heart and remains there for eternity untill someone comes and take them away.

Words said 2 months ago does not apply anymore.Circumstances have changed and to know whether they have changed, you need to go there and probe him.

Breakups are common among the youngs because they are inexperienced and do not know how to handle those pressures.It does not mean that you are not suited or incompatible with each other.

In time , if they are fated to be together, they will make up again.

Breaking up does not mean that you will walk away forever from that person.There are many people who make up after they breakup when they realized their follies.

Relationship is not an easy thing and you don’t just lie on the bed and everything will solved by itself.

You need to have understandings , love and the capacity to resolve all those contentious issues.

People are not machines and they have feelings and emotions. They can be influenced and swayed by emotions and certain actions of another individual.

The ground is not always static for it can shift according to those external forces.

Sometimes ,what you hear or see is not what you get.

You not only have to hear what is spoken from the mouth but you also need to feel with your heart what that person wants or means.

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When You Give Your Whole Heart And He Doesn’t Want It…….

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How many hearts does a woman have? How many hearts were broken like those china wares? It is so numerous that they have lost count. LOL! Their hearts are destined to be broken and life is meant to suck. Life is not easy for a woman.

Women are remarkable creatures. Cats have 9 lives but a woman can still live even if her heart is broken. She will forever remember him for all her life. LOL!

When a woman marries, she gives of all of herself to the marriage. She puts in her heart and soul into the marriage. She feels like she has given her heart to her man for safe keeping. A man may not say it directly but when he cheats on her, she feels that she has given her heart to an undeserving man and she is heart broken.

A woman may also find that she has strong unrequited desire to be with someone that hardly even knows she exists. She may hint and give him many chances but men are simply obtuse. He needs to be told directly. She wants to give her whole heart to him, and he does not know it or is simply scared of rejections or commitments. Men and women sometimes misunderstand each other.

Be careful who you give your heart to, when you give someone your whole heart and he doesn’t want it, you cannot take it back. It’s gone forever.” Do you feel like that?

Men are really women’s plaything, and women are the devils. The devil tempted Eve and not Adam. Why did the devil not tempt Adam directly? Because Eve was smarter than Adam and can reason, while Adam would just obey God without question. This proof that the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Do women really love men like men love women? This is a funny question. Have you ever thought of the love of a woman and the love of a man is different? Women choose a man to love, not because they love them but it pleases them to be loved by him. They are in love with love .Most women think with their heart and that is where most of their problem lies.


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Big Men Dont Cry?

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It is not easy for a man to express his emotions like a woman.He has been brought up that way  and crying is sissy.

If he cries too often , he would be a cry baby. A man seldom cry unless he is really very hurt  and powerless to do anything . Even then , he would not want to cry infront of his mate.

Some women may think a man who cry is an emotional man and have feelings but not all women think in that way. A woman expects her man to be strong and she can lean on him when she is weak.

She looks up to him  for his strength. A crying man paint  a pitiful and sorrowful picture. He may lose her respect and  she may feel disgusted at his weakness  when her love for him is at a very low ebb.  Women loves a sure, confidant and strong  man.

A woman tells her man ,he ought  to share his problems or his feelings with her.Sharing with her only creates more problems for both of them.

She has so many things to worry about  without adding on those extra big problems  ,when those problems are just molehills and not big mountains.

She has the tendency to make those problems appear very big and insurmountable. She continues to worry about the problem while he feels nonchalant and continue to do his daily chores  like nothing happened.

That’s why most men do not want to share their problems with their wives. Better they themselves  carry the weight alone than to see their mate suffer in anguish and wallow in the pool of worries.

The women may think he does not love her but infact this is men’s language of love , to shield her from those problems and anxieties.She cannot do much except to only give some understandings and moral support.She worries too much and may not eat or sleep well.

You may share only your minor problems with her .Be a man and spare her those major problems.

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