Will you wait to be wealthy before you can have a child?

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A child is a gift and blessings from God. If you are pregnant and give birth to a baby ,you are blessed.

Some people would plan to have babies only when they are financially capable.They want their child to have the best things in life.

They want to wait for all the conditions to be right before they want to have a baby but fate does not give them this luxury .

By the time ,they feel well off to have a baby ,they would have crossed their expired dates and they would use their wealth to get a baby by the IVF method or use surrogate dad and mom to achieve their aims.

In the process , how much must one accumulate enough to have a child? Is it really for the child or is it for the parents enjoyments.

Does this mean that those who are poor should not have children?

Having children is not about wealth or giving up the good life.

It is about the sacrifice and joy in raising them. A poor mother may work hard and suffer lower standards of living to support her child but she finds joy and fulfillment being a woman and a mother.

What about those people who are rich but are too preoccupied with their careers and have no time for their child?

Will having a child makes them better parents because of their wealth and materialistic wants ?

What good is materialistic things when you cannot give a mother’s love and spend time with your children?

Children do not need all those materialistic things but only those basic needs like love, care and concerns.

The human factor is more important than all those inhuman and materialistic needs.

If you feel it is the right time , by all means go ahead because it is your life.

It is just a matter of arranging your priorities in life.
Different people have different priorities.

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First Time And First Year Mother’s Agony Of Joys

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That precious and monumental moment when you first set your eyes on your living jewel, everything else becomes inconsequential  and this new born child would be your new centre of universe. Your new sun will bring you agonies  as well as joys.

It is the culmination of all your dreams, aspirations and hope in your marriage and in your lifelong pursuits.

Now that you are there ,you savor the sweet success and basked in the limelight. You feel the supreme delight and the joy of being a first time mother.

Your joys know no bounds and you dote alot on your new addition in your family.Those great moments when you brought the baby home are forever cherished and etched into your hall of fame.

History was created and you became a mother after a long tortuous journey in your life .Welcome to the land of milk, honey and nappies and where the day is night and the night is day.

 Time never sleeps in this babyland.You only catch some forty winks here and there. To sleep for a normal 8 hours straight is a luxury. You will be like on a non stop emotional rollercoaster until the child grows up.

Being a first time mother is the most beautiful and joyous moments in your life but it is also the time when you feel withdrawn , lonely ,overworked ,stressful and your world seemed to be crumbling down.

You are cut off from your friends, colleagues, your relatives and work.Others think you are in your own cozy world ,not knowing that you are the loneliest person on the planet with only your baby to talk to.

You craved to have a human to human talk with another adult who could share what you are going through. Your husband does not understand or able to talk on a deeper level like you can with other women.

There is the in laws and your husband who may have different perceptions to taking care of the baby. There could be conflicts and where you cannot do anything except to follow.

This adds to your frustrations as much is expected from you and it always seemed that you are underperforming even when you give your all.It is a learning curve for you and others.

 This is the most trying times in your life and if you dont have a very understanding husband or in laws or your parents, your woes can increased many folds. You may have baby blues and depression acalling.

You entity ceased to exist anymore for you will be doing everything that will be related to your baby. You will learn a mother’s love and sacrifices and you come to appreciate what your mum did for you.

Even though you may feel like going down a slippery slope , you would not exchange your place for anything . This is priceless and you will never again experience it in this life.

As a women , you will find that you have a reason to exist and your life being fulfilled,career,marriage and  children.

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