Will you wait to be wealthy before you can have a child?

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A child is a gift and blessings from God. If you are pregnant and give birth to a baby ,you are blessed.

Some people would plan to have babies only when they are financially capable.They want their child to have the best things in life.

They want to wait for all the conditions to be right before they want to have a baby but fate does not give them this luxury .

By the time ,they feel well off to have a baby ,they would have crossed their expired dates and they would use their wealth to get a baby by the IVF method or use surrogate dad and mom to achieve their aims.

In the process , how much must one accumulate enough to have a child? Is it really for the child or is it for the parents enjoyments.

Does this mean that those who are poor should not have children?

Having children is not about wealth or giving up the good life.

It is about the sacrifice and joy in raising them. A poor mother may work hard and suffer lower standards of living to support her child but she finds joy and fulfillment being a woman and a mother.

What about those people who are rich but are too preoccupied with their careers and have no time for their child?

Will having a child makes them better parents because of their wealth and materialistic wants ?

What good is materialistic things when you cannot give a mother’s love and spend time with your children?

Children do not need all those materialistic things but only those basic needs like love, care and concerns.

The human factor is more important than all those inhuman and materialistic needs.

If you feel it is the right time , by all means go ahead because it is your life.

It is just a matter of arranging your priorities in life.
Different people have different priorities.

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The most precious prize of all – a child.

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You maybe too busy to take notice about things around you . From morning till dawn , your life is like a clockwork routine everyday.

Work consumed the most part of your life and you are like a slave in the new world order.

The world is turning and revolving without stopping and days turns into nights and months into years.

Soon one day you will realize that you are no longer young. You see mothers with cute infants and kids and the realizations hits you .

You think you can have a child when you want because you could have anything you wanted in life through sheer hard work, a big house, an expensive car, a successful career ,an opulent lifestyle and all those rich trappings of life.

Nothings seems to be beyond your abilities.You think you can control your own destiny.

You read and hear stories of those stars who had children in their forties,actress Jane Seymour and model Iman both had children at 44, actress Mimi Rogers was 45, Susan Sarandon 46 and Holly Hunter 47.

What is sometimes not reported is a very high proportion of babies born to women in their 40’s are conceived using donated eggs from younger women.

You think it is possible to have babies in your forties and you would assume that you too will be capable of having your own baby when the time comes.

If you cannot , there is always the IVF process.Not everyone can afford this treatment . It is very expensive and only have a 13 % chances of success.

You may be healthy , look and feel young at your 40’s but your eggs have gone by their expired date.

The window of opportunity of having your own baby is so narrow that you are not able to squeeze through anymore.

All your plans of wanting to have a bigger and beautiful house, a successful career , a loving and understanding husband and the most prize of all ,a baby is now out of your reach.

Without a baby or motherhood, life seems to have lost it’s meanings. You often wonder about those mothers who devoted all their love and time taking care of their mentally challenged kids.

Don’t be too busy chasing financial independence or looking for the right and perfect man to come along.

Your most fertile time will not last forever and your chance to have a baby will be too late.

Many women would share her fate because they do not look at the big picture. They are just like those lemmings rushing over the cliff and into the sea.

You have no one to blame but yourself because you did not plan to have a baby in your most fertile period but rather settle for all those worldly desires first.

You wait and wait ……..

As a child, you received your mother’s love but sadly you will not be able to pass those love to your own child.

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s love is something
that no on can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
or take that love away . . .
It is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking . . .
It believes beyond believing
when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
of the rarest, brightest gems . . .
It is far beyond defining,
it defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
like the mysteries of creation . . .
A many splendoured miracle
man cannot understand
And another wondrous evidence
of God’s tender guiding hand.

by Helen Steiner Rice.

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The dramatic rescue of a 2 years old girl from the eight floor window.

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A two years old girl was a tug of war between the suicidal father and a rescuer on an eight floor window in Chengdu , China.

She was saved by the rescuer and thanks God that she was lucky to be alive and a tragic incident averted.

It is so horrible and terrifying to witness such a calamitous scene.

The suicidal father who was on drugs was gripping the ankle of his daughter and dangling her outside the eight floor window and threatening to throw her down.

Why did the father threaten to throw her down from the eight floor?

It is very sad when the parents take out their stress and frustrations and hit on the innocent child.

They are irrational and whatever the reasons, he should not have done that .It is very inhuman.

Life is precious and furthermore when they are only a young and defenseless child.

There have been cases where the man could not cope with looking after a child and they became violent and went into a rage with dangerous results.

Sometimes , it is about problems in their relationships where the mother devotes too much of her time on her baby and neglecting her man. This can be a source of contentions between them.

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A Miraculous Prognosis .

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Someone who is not a doctor or has any medical training but who some how or rather felt the strong urge not give up on her intuitions and checked up on the internet to confirmed her prognosis.

Madeleine Robb diagnosed eye cancer (retinoblastoma ) in a baby she had never met after a chat-room pal emailed a photo of her daughter from America.
She spotted an unusual white shadow in one-year-old Rowan Santos’s eye.

Her friend took her baby to the doctors to check it out and it was confirmed that she had a large tumour in the left eye. One more week and the tumour could have hit her optic nerve.It is a miracle

How many of us would believe what our friends tell us. It is very lucky that she took the baby for a medical checkup or otherwise, the child would have being lost .If she had dismissed her friends message, I dread to think of the consequences.

The cancer was undetected during a medical and it only appeared from a photo and God works in mysterious ways. If the mother did not send a photo of her to her friend Madeleine, the cancer would not have been discovered until too late. Praise God !

Rowan is having chemotherapy and will lose her eye. But doctors say it could have been much worse if they were not aware of it.

Everything is providence and miracles happen.

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Women Who Marry Later Make Better Mothers

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 A recent study  said women who marry in their thirties make better mothers. Is it true?

If you were to compare the maturity of two unmarried women , one in the 20’s and the other in the 30′, you would definitely come to the conclusion that the older women is more matured than the younger woman simply because she has more experienced in life .

But if you were to compare the maturity level of a 30 something unmarried women with a married 20 something women , then your findings would be vastly different.

An unmarried women would lack the maturity of a married younger women . From observations in their speech and mannerism, those unmarried 30 something women would still act coquettish and girlish while those married 20 something women because of the responsibilities of the home and family matures faster than her unmarried sisters. This is a fact.

While she is busily taking care of the kids and husband and home , the unmarried are just focusing on their clothes and trends .Being unmarried , their developments seems to have stagnated at that level, a plateau.

The younger women has a head start ahead of her older sister.Being younger, they are also more able to adept to the changing circumstances than their elder sisters who can become set in their ways and difficult to adept or elastic in their thoughts.

Their roots are are more hardened and gnarled .To bend them in another directions may be difficult.They are more inflexible.

Becoming a mother is more of an instinct and training. Having a child will bring out their motherly qualities and it does not have to wait until you are over your 30’s.The earlier they are trained, the better they become in this motherhood adventure.

Being younger , they are more active and nubile and able to withstand the rigours of motherhood as compared to their elder sisters who are probably worn out from the stress of too much work and have less physical stamina to look after their baby.It is more stressful for the over 30’s first time mothers.

The older women may have financial stability’s but in the relationship level , that is a disputable subject.

Being a mother is not an easy job and they need a support group to help them during these difficult times.Women are born care givers and they have those extra strength to bear children and to take care of them. Getting sick is not an option.

The older women will face many problems when she marry.She may not be that fertile and may fear having a not so perfect child .There is increased risk of health and complications from the pregnancy.

It is better to marry young and when you are in your 30’s , your children will be in their teens. You can have more children too.


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