Have a baby before 35?

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“New evidence from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says it is increasingly difficult for women to become pregnant after the age of 35.”(dailymail.co.uk)

This isn’t exactly good news to many of those women who are 35 and still childless or unmarried.

It is an early warning to those who are near the age boundaries and that it pays to heed those warnings before it is too late. Don’t leave everything to chance or fate.

To be told that the chances of having your own babies after 35 is difficult is like taking apart of your life away.

This certain part of your life will never be fulfilled and you would not feel like a complete woman.

Many women left it too late and their lifelong dreams of becoming a mother to her pretty baby can only belong in the fantasy world. There is nothing more they can do anything about it unless they have plenty of money to burn by going for the IVF.

During her most fertile years, most women focus on her careers and social life and when they realized it is time to enjoy motherhood, they have gone by the expiry date.

By then ,it is not you who will decide if you want motherhood but mother nature.

If women does not want to miss the boat, they should have babies before 35 or they will risk missing out on motherhood.

The best age to have babies is from 20 to 35 and the younger the better. Older mothers may face infertility problems , higher risk of miscarriage and birth complications.Older mothers may also suffer from diabetes and preeclampsia,which can lead to blood clots and serious complications, or even death.

There is also the higher risk of deformities to the babies and other defects like Downs Syndrome .

Some women may go for IVF treatments which is very expensive .
Fertility treatment has a success rate of 31 per cent for women up to the mid-30s but drops to a mere 5 per cent for those 42 and over.

Recently a 66 year’s old woman ,Elizabeth Adeney became a mother through IVF.(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1182919/A-baby-66-desperate-divorcee-set-Britains-oldest-mother.html).She gave birth to a 5lbs 3 oz boy and both are doing fine.

She was desperate for a child. She is a wealthy business women and could afford the IVF process. For those who could not afford it , they would have to resign to their fates.

Due to the technological advance in science, women can have pregnancies even when they do not produce any eggs.

The fertilized donor egg is impregnated into her womb by the IVF method. If it is not possible, the fertilized eggs can be impregnated into a surrogate mum.

The oldest woman in the world to give birth was 70-year-old Omkari Panwar from India, who had a twin boy and girl last year.

There are moral and ethical considerations of having a baby so late in life.It is her decision and we should not judge her. It is something which she yearns for and she got it.

I believed everything happens because God wills it to happen. In her case , she is blessed with a young life .

Some women can be under the impressions that they can have babies even after their 40’s.
We have read about those aging celebrities who are over 40’s ,like Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Madonna having children , But what was not reported was that they used a donor egg, or donor sperm (their husbands could be infertile)

You will have to decide if you want your own children or your career. Would you prefer material success or motherhood?

Which will give you more satisfaction and fulfillment as a woman ?

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Designer babies – Rent A Womb Woman – IVF .

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You can now have the type of baby according to your preferred choice. It is a very idealistic situation where modern science is able to make your dreams come true. You don’t have to leave it to fate or nature to decide.

Whether it is morally or ethical correct is another matter. This is the world of test tube babies. IVF was developed in the 1970’s.

There are several techniques of IVF. The woman is given fertility drugs to help her produce more eggs. The eggs are then harvested and fertilized in the lab and then are placed inside her womb or a surrogate womb.

You can decide the sex of the baby you want and the characteristics of the baby from the donor mother of your choice.

Gays and lesbian couples want to have children but since they are of the same sex, it is not possible physically but if you are loaded, anything is possible. You can buy designer babies through IVF and surrogate mothers. Infertile couples could have children by this method too.

A gay couple from Australia went to the US to buy a set of designer twin boys through a surrogate mother. They ordered the two babies through Los Angeles based American IVF pioneer Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg. The doctor used their sperms with a donor egg and they became the father of the twin boys through the IVF and embryo screening known as Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD )

The gay couples were able to choose their baby to order, using the donated eggs from their preferred selected donors with characteristics and educational levels of their choice. They looked for intelligence, good looks and health of the donor.

The fertilized embryos are then implanted into a surrogate woman, usually a single mother or married women in their late 20s or early 30s.. It is quite an expensive process. and some seek those process in India where it is cheaper.

In the West, sometimes the surrogate moms grow attached to the child and do not want to give up their children after they were born. In India, the lure of the money is enticing many Indian women to become rent a womb women.

Having the baby is the first process on the road to legal and ethical considerations. If the parents are gays and lesbians, they may not grow up in an environment where there are no fathers or mothers influence. This is subjected to debate because even if they grow up in a heterosexual family, the fathers are often absent or don’t play a big part in the upbringing of the child.

The major problem is legal for the donors are anonymous and the child will grow up not knowing who their biological fathers or mothers are. It may not be important because there are orphans who grow up without parents too.

What about those who go to the unlicensed one’s?

The law says that men donating sperm through licensed fertility clinics are not the legal father of any child born through that donation.

Men donating their sperm in any other way – such as via internet services or through private arrangements are legally the father of any children born This means that you are legally the father of the child and you are responsible even though you have a private contract absolving you of any child maintenance.

If you think you are helping a friend to have a baby , better think twice because you may be in the future be called upon to pay for his maintenance.

Or you could be in a situation where you want to be near that child but is forbidden by that woman as you don’t not have any rights. Either way , you may find yourself in a situation which is unsatisfactory to you, just like that fireman in UK.

IVF has its drawbacks and it is not plain sailing as what is advertised or reported. According to Catherine Bennett, IVF have only a 15% success rate and the fertility clinics makes money from those failures. This means that you may have to have several attempts and which will cost your dearly.

You will be taking those daily drug doses which may have a side effects on you. You may suffer depression, hot flushes and dizziness. A third of couples have twins or triplets because doctors implant several embryos into the woman to maximize her chances of success. You may have bargained for more than you asked.

Sometimes, there is the human error factor and the eggs got mixed up and given to the wrong mother. There is also the risk of cancer or any genetic damage to the newborn. Those are all the risk you may face.

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Want to Improve Sperm Quality ?Have Daily Sex!

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If you want to have a baby, you should make love everyday according to a new research.Conventional wisdom tell you to make love after a few days rest because you would accumulate more sperms and have better chances of evolution.

The new research debunked this concept as more does not mean  quality.The sperms DNA may deteriorate  the longer it stays in the body.

The Australian scientists have recommended sex everyday to improve the sperm quality  By having more sex, more sperms would be produced and those new sperms are fresher and better in quality than those stored in the reservoir.

The longer those sperms are stored, the more damaged it will face.Thus, better to have fresh sperms than those over the expired date sperms.LOL!

Your sperm factory will have to have three shifts and worked non stop.You will have to intake lots of Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Misai Kuching(local herbs in Malaysia), Chicken soup with Dong Quai or essence of chicken ,drink Guiness stout beer and plenty of sleep to recharge those batteries.Your wife will also have to athletically be instep with your new sexual marathon.

If you want  better chances of becoming a father, you must do like the rabbits or monkeys do…

Have more nookie mate! Good for your libido !

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