Marrying for money …

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If only life is that simple and we don’t have to face with making hard and difficult choices.

To marry someone who has money but no love or to marry someone you love but who have no money . Will love triumph over money ? This is a dilemma.

During the feudal era, a woman had no choice, she was given into marriage whether she loves him or not. She will have to accept her fate and her new role as a wife and mother of his kids.

The traditional marriage too shared the same characteristics. She will learn to love her husband after she gets married to him.

The modern women have been freed from this culture and is allowed to choose her mate for herself. Presented with a choice, she would need to decide long and hard.

A marriage that is without love can be a very difficult union. She may enjoy a materialistic lifestyle but she would find an emotional emptiness or a lack of emotional fulfillment. A marriage in pursuit of riches will find other areas lacking. She cannot have it all.

Later she may find that she is just a trophy and maybe traded in for a younger model. Her husband could be the controlling type who will make her life miserable.

Everything becomes meaningless and superficial .She feels like being imprisoned in her own home .

Being rich , he will have a higher standards and a higher expectations of you .It would be simply impossible to satisfy his whims and fancies and in time , he will get fed up and leave for a newer model.

Those who marry for pure love will be happier, contented and emotionally fulfilled. Even though they maybe poor,the love will sustain them and they will enjoy closer rapport with each other. As long as their love is intact, everything would be fine and marvelous.

There is an analogy about a marriage between beauty and riches and why it is never good.

Beauty does not last and it will fade and depreciate in value over time, while money can grow and appreciate.

When money is gone , beauty will leave because there is nothing more for her in that relationship. So too will he when her beauty is gone .

A union of beauty and riches will only last when those conditions exist and when one is gone , there is nothing to hold the marriage anymore.

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IF YOU tell your wife she is ugly….

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Malaysia will soon be the only country in this world to persecute the men for telling their wives are ugly!!!! I do not know if other countries have this law yet .

You Malaysian men better watch what you tell your wives..LOL! She may carry a recorder on her to record your words and you are in the sin bin.

Malaysia’s director-general of the Women’s Development Department, Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur ,said laws are being amended to reflect the seriousness of those remarks – when uttered by the husband in his attempt to humiliate his wife.

If the parliament amend the law and include this clause, those Malaysian men are in for a hard time. The Malaysian parliament consist of mostly men representatives and do you think those men parliamentarians will pass this amendment?

I suppose for now the only word is ‘ugly’ but later on may add more negative words to this clause…LOL!

Emotional abuse is not only about telling your wife is ugly,it is a psychological warfare where the men attempt to degrade and humiliate the women.

The methods of emotional abuse include causing fear by intimidation, threatening physical harm to self, partner, children, or partner’s family or friends, destruction of pets and property, forcing isolation from family, friends, or school or work.(Wikipedia)

With the modern technology , text and cyber -bullying became the new form of emotional abuse.

When some one is angry, all kinds of hurtful words just pour out from their mouth without any brake. You should not take to heart , those hurtful words because they don’t really mean it.

Some men continuously criticize you, humiliate you, or undermine your self-esteem. They come from an emotional abuse family system and do not know it is wrong.They were brought up in that kind of environment . How to blame them ?

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Never give out your bank account number.

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Never give out your bank account number to anyone , not even your best friend , relatives or your boss.

You do not know what is their intentions and when you find out about it , it maybe too late to save you from the heartaches .

A few youths were lured with easy jobs with good money without suspecting anything until loan sharks started harassing them.

They had to give out their personal bank account numbers to the company’s clients and a certain amount of money was deposited into their accounts.

They then had to take out the money from the bank and gave it to their boss and received a lucrative commission.

The boss did not have an office but worked out of a coffee shop at a shopping center and there was no company name .Isn’t that very fishy?

A company that does not have an office .There are some who may have an office address but the barest minimum of furniture’s . This should raise some red flags and it could be a fly by night company.

The boss borrowed money from those loan sharks without their knowledge and since it was their accounts, the loan sharks went after them for the repayments.

The boss could be working with those loan sharks and now it was their problem . The boss denied everything and cut them off. He will probably disappear and to reappear in another place to carry out his schemes.They were too trusting or too innocent.

Anyone who requested your bank accounts for help in the transfer of money should be treated with utmost suspicions. It could be illegal money laundering and all those money trails will lead to you . That is a capital offense and you can be jailed for this crime.

If your job requires you to have your personal bank accounts to handle the company’s financing’s, you will be in dire troubles when the boss commits any illegal acts. Get out before it is too late.

If someone or your best friend or relatives offer you a very good deal, be very suspicious .

It is probably a get rich scheme or a sham. Do not be greedy and fall prey to it. Your greed can blind your eyes and you will be conned of your money.

There are many scams these days and they are getting more innovative and if something is too good to be true, you better not swallow their bait.

The recession has spawned more new high tech crooks and one must always be on the alert for such cons in real life and in the internet.

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Do women enjoy watching porn?

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If you go to the ‘Dear Cupid’ site, you will get the impression that many women in the U.K detest and are against the watching of porn by the men .

There are many types of porn but those women seemed to lump them all into one group . Child pornography is against the law in many countries .Watching them is not against the law but possession and distribution is against the law.

You can be fined or jailed or both for that offense. Child pornography is a vile and contemptuous crime because those young children are kidnapped,sexually abused and sometimes killed.

I received a terrible shock that some of those women may even report their fathers, brothers,sons, boyfriends, husbands to the police and brand them as paedophiles and have them arrested by the police and lock up in jail for simply watching porn on the computers.Maybe, this is not the real situation over there.
The fact that these women would go to that great length to incarcerate their men folks is astonishing to say the least.

Why are such women so extreme in their actions?It is just beyond my comprehensions. I cannot imagine sending anyone in my family to jail for watching porn on the PC.

Most males do watch porn in their lifetime and some do watch it on and off. It can be addictive and cause tensions and break ups in the relationships. Some men may even deny they ever watch porn in front of their girlfriends or wives. There are a lot of hypocrites in this world.

Porn is a taboo subject and people do not talk about it openly between the sexes. There are still those holier than thou types who would cast aspersions on your character and brand you a dirty sex fiend. They would avoid you like a plaque.

Not all females are against porn . There are those who are more open minded and enjoy watching some of those porns. Some do watch but will not admit it openly for fear of being branded a bad girl. Some watch porn alone or together with their girl friends which seems more fun and enjoyable.

If you are going to watch porn with your boyfriend together, be prepared that you will not be able to fight against tide. Your hands and your body will not obey your mind…LOL!

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There is a monster in everyone of us.

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You will never know this monster until it comes out of the evil darkness ,deep inside of that person.

Behind every person there lurks a monster waiting to be released or born. You cannot judge a person from the outside for the monster in him can feed on his anger and hate and grow beyond his control.

Many a times, we may feel like losing control and letting this monster to take over the driver’s seat.

If this monster is allowed to take over, we will be going on a disastrous journey .

Sometimes, life’s can be lost because we don’t know how to control our emotions and anger.

There is a trigger in each of us and we need to recognize when we have reached that point and run away from that situation.

Running away is the only answer as you cannot fight those forces that is arrayed against you.

You do not know what you are up against and it maybe something that you have never experienced before.

Like the Tsunami, those tidal waves which will sweep you off and there is nothing you can do or fight against.

You are powerless and if you do not run away , you will have to pick up those destruction’s that those forces left behind.

A divorced mother with a 3 year’s old wanted to find a step father for her toddler but ended up losing him .

This is a very sad , unfortunate and tragic story. He did not find the right man but a monster who did not meet her ideals but took her most precious possessions from her.

Her boyfriend was jealous of the toddler because he felt she cared more for her son than him.

They argued frequently and they could not find a way out of this problem. It festered and grew cancerous ,leading to the abuse of her toddler and death at the hand of this monster.

He was bashed so brutally by her boyfriend that he became brain dead and died four days later in the hospital.

Such incidents can happen anywhere and anytime. As mothers, you should be watchful and observe your man’s behaviour towards your children.

This does not happen suddenly but can build up over time. If you think , he has anger problems and treat the child harshly , you should nip the problem in the bud.

Do not leave them alone together. Always be watchful .Seek help and get him to see a therapist or counselor.

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http://tnp.sg/news/story/0,4136,202614,00.html?ver know

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Tales from the crypt….

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There is a parallel world co-existing with ours. Some of us may not believe it but there is no scientific explanations about those supernatural occurrences..

Many of us may have heard stories or having experienced those supernatural occurrences. The dead coming back to say their last goodbye or to inform them of where they are buried

Five friends decided to to visit a cemetery in the middle of the night .They were probably bored with life and wanted to spice up and live to the ‘extreme .’

Why did they chose to go to that particular cemetery and on that day itself ?

It was as though they became a part of that fateful event that was slowly unfurling in front of them without their knowledge.

When they reached the cemetery , their car had a puncture at that particular spot .Was it incidental or was it destined ?

They alighted from their car and saw a blue van parked nearby with a man sleeping inside.

They were not intrepid enough to go over and check it out and as soon as their tires were changed, they left the scene immediately.

They felt uneasy about the van being there .It was a mystery as who would parked the van and sleep in that cemetery ? Being in that place can be scary and fearful enough .

One of those girls had a reoccurring dream that night. In her dreams, she kept seeing the parked van and what appeared to be a man sitting inside.

It troubled her greatly that she went and told her friends and they decided to go again to investigate.

But what I do not understand is that , why did they went again at midnight to check out the van ?Why not during the daytime ? Darned scary !

When they reached there , they discovered a decomposed body and this must have given them a very big fright and this incident will surely haunt them for all their life’s.

Geez! I am sure they regretted going there to find out about the van.

The spirit of the deceased came back to this world to inform his next of kin so that he could receive a proper burial .

Those five people became his means of communications to this world. They became involved and was part of that fateful event. It is all part of their destiny.

There was another story which I heard but cannot verify it’s authenticity. Many people in my place heard this story too.

Some friends were coming to visit their relatives in this part of my world and while they were midway , they decided to stop at this popular restaurant which were full of people.

They were not familiar with that area and more over it happened at around midnight.

The waitresses were young and beautiful and the food was marvelous. They paid for it and left .

When they told their relatives about this particular restaurant, they were shocked to know that it did not exist.

They went with their relatives to show them that restaurant but it was not there anymore and instead it was a cemetery. Imagine to their horrors and some one puked and out came those greenish things and worms. Yuck!!!!

I do not know if it is true or not or someone made up that story.

I will not stop at any restaurant which I have not frequent in the middle of the night…LOL!

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Negative thoughts can induce sickness…

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If you think, “I am going to be sick.” Your body will soon fall sick. Some people will say it out aloud to themselves or to others that they are feeling sick.

If you know the effects of those negative words, you should refrain from speaking it out aloud and always think in the positive to replace any negative thoughts that come into your mind.

As Christian believes all negative thoughts come from the devil. We cannot stop the birds from flying overhead but we have the ability to stop those birds from building a nest over our head.

The devil may shoot those poison arrows at us but we should not entertain those thoughts in our head.

Sometimes, those negative and destructive thoughts appear often and the only way to fight against it is to put on the armour of God and praise God repeatedly or say a prayer or speak in tongues or give a command in the name of Jesus…. It has helped me to thwart those devilish attacks .

A rudder is only a small part in a big ship but it can control and turn the big ship in any directions it wants.

The tongue is just like the rudder, it can tell your body to do anything after you have exercise it. That is the power of the tongue and your brain over your body.

Your brain will hear those commands and act upon them and make your body sick.

When you read those warnings of the side effects of those medicine you are taking , your body will react as though you will be experiencing those side effects.

It is better to be an optimist than a pessimist for the positive thoughts can be good for your health .It will also attract the positive things around you.

Conversely , if you always entertaining those negative thoughts in your head and speak negative things, it can be bad for your well being.

This idea has been known 2000 years ago and now scientist have only discovered it. The power of suggestion can be a very powerful tool.

Many patients are not really physically sick but are pseudo sick and they need to see a doctor who finds nothing wrong with them. They need to hear from the doctor that they will be well after taking those medications.It is more of a psychological thing than a physical thing.

Speak more positive things, think more positive and you will attract more positive vibes.

“The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

Proverbs 18:21
(The New Living Translation Bible )

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Termination- Is it really hers to make alone ?

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With today’s sexual promiscuity in this new age, it is a matter of time before a young girl finds herself in this tragic situation of deciding if she wants to terminate her pregnancy or not.

Even with all those safety contraceptive methods available, nothing is 100% safe. She may find herself in an unfamiliar role of the arbiter of a young and innocent life.

Will she decide wisely by herself alone or will she consult all those who are involved before making the major decision of her life which may have decisive repercussions on her health and future well being.

Do you think it is ethically and morally right for a woman alone to decide if she wants to have a termination of her pregnancy ?

Does the father has no right to influence or say in this major decision ?
Is it fair to the men that she holds the power of life and death in her hands.

In a majority of cases, it is the women who will have the final say to keep or abort the baby. It is her body and if she does not want it, no one can make her do it against her wishes.

There is legally no law to compel her or stop her from deciding what to do even if the father is against her decision.

It is not an easy decision for women to make and many may regret it in their latter life.

It would seem that women have the absolute right to do whatever they want with their bodies and the men are denied any rights even when they both partake in the creation of the newborn.

The child was not planned and they were not ready for it and giving it up was the only recourse which appears to be the best course of action for that moment in time.

Prevention is better than the cure. If you had taken extra precautions, then you would not have to come into this tragic and unfortunate situation.

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Wealthy men give women more orgasms !

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Is it their wealth or the men that gives them more orgasms?

The mere thought of what they can satisfy their material desires is enough to give them multiple orgasms.

Who does not know that sleeping with a wealthy man even if he is ugly is much better than sleeping with a poor but handsome men ?

Some women are hardwired to use their sex as a weapon in the sex war and use it as a reward or as a punishment . Women gives sex in exchange for love or for the love of material things and these women are known as gold diggers.

Women need to feel protected and safe and when he is wealthy, she feels secure , not knowing that his riches can be gone as nothing is guaranteed in this life.

A woman’s mind is like the devil’s workshop. She cannot be free and will worry about anything and everything. How can she enjoy sex when she has to worry about those bills and installments.

When their emotional and material needs are satisfied , they will find it sweet surrender to offer the men the only thing they have.

Wealthy men are powerful , charismatic and successful and these three qualities are much sought after by most women.

When you can enjoy the good things in life provided by his wealth , you would naturally have less worries and is more relax and hence have more orgasms or great sex.

Having more orgasms does not equate with happiness.Life is not without problems even when you are rich. The rich will have more problems and more stress than the average or the poor men.

Money cannot give you happiness and we know that many rich people committed suicide from stress or emotional problems.

It is not easy marrying a wealthy man.Life can be difficult as they tend to stray and find some other younger and sexier chick and leave you imprisoned in your own home and be at his beck and call. You will lose your personal freedom and you will become another of his conquest, trophy or properties.

You may have everything in life, a castle, maids, money and holidays but you will find that his love, his body and his time is beyond your control.

What we know today is that woman’s sexual pleasure is directly linked to their partner’s wealth. If you cannot make her orgasms, it is not because you have not tried but because woman’s mind are hardwired that way.

We need to be realistic, love can die one day but the love for money endures. Whether wealthy men make good lovers or not, it will depend on that particular individual. Not all wealthy men are the same.

For some women , shopping is better than sex and gives her more orgasms..LOL!

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It’s better to have loved and lost then not loved at all.

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What is the purpose of life if you do not know what is love or are scared of falling in love ?

Will you live all your life and not venture there like that 107 years old Chinese woman ? When she is that old and realized her follies ,that she wants to find love and be taken care off.

When she could take care of herself , she shied away from love and marriage because of what she saw in other couples which turned her off.

Would it be better to fall in love and lost than never love at all ?

In the end, you will have experienced the ups and downs of life and knows what love is all about and perhaps you may bear those scars or have children who may accompany you till the end of your life.

You won’t be so lonely after all and you have something to look forward to with children or grandchildren in your old age.

It gives you a greater insight and new experiences into the workings of the opposite sex. There are moments when it is like Heaven when you are together blissfully and there are times when you simply hate his guts. The sweet, sour and the bitter is what life is all about.

Most failed relationship is because of unreasonable high expectations from the other. We are all not perfect and we have flaws.

As we go through life , we try to adjust and make the best of the situations. We share those moments of truth, sadness and happiness.

Two people are better than one. When one falls there is another to help him/her to stand up again.

If you marry for the sake of marrying, the relationship will not last. There is no love which binds you together and they will soon drift apart.

If you decide to marry a man, you should not have an unrealistic expectations of him. He is not your passport to everything nor can he grant you all your wishes.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

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