Runaway brides.

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Many Singaporeans and Malaysians chose to marry foreign Vietnamese brides because they are not as demanding and materialistic as the local brides. Some of them are ethnic Chinese, born and bred there.

Most of those middle age bachelors are from the rural heartlands because it is difficult to seek a wife, as many girls have migrated to the larger towns to work.

Vietnamese brides are simple and hardworking people and they can accept whatever conditions in their new country .

Those living near the border with Thailand would marry Thai girls.

Everything will be fine at first but marriage is not easy when they come from vastly different cultures and sometimes may not be able to communicate with each other except with sign language.

When they don’t get what they wanted from their spouse, those women may take whatever is available and abscond .

It is better than the poverty which they faced back home.They came from a war torn country and faced lots of hardships during the war.

Marrying outsiders offers them a chance to escape from their poverty or a life of prostitution to survive .

They will go to those matchmaking companies who will arrange the Vietnamese girls to come over and if they like what they see, the deal is done.

It is like the traditional customary practice,where you only get to see her for a short while and agree to marry her. You will only know the real person when she becomes your wife.

The matchmaking companies will not guarantee or vouch for her character or background.

She maybe tainted goods and you will be unlucky if you chose the wrong one.

Marrying a mail order bride is not without risk. Those brides could still be married in their home country or not legally divorced or in some sort of emotional entanglements with their ex’s.

Those foreign brides may run back to their own country and you will not be able to trace them . Even if you can trace them , there is nothing you can do about it.

Those men should check the girls background but it is easily said than done because it would incur a large amount of money to hire PI’s.

Even some of them have to pay by installments to those matchmaking agencies.

They can only hope for the best or they will never marry in this life.

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It is a pain to hear about this story. Some poor parents in Vietnam may trade their beautiful young daughters or push them to marry Korean men (farmers or fishermen). That’s the current situation in Vietnam. it is sad.

I agree with you on this post. It is bad and miserable to hear such sob stories. I think these Vietnamese girls are poor so they married Korean, Taiwanese or Chinese husbands with hope to change their future and help their family. As a result, most of them ended up miserably. I suggest these Vietnamese women find Vietnamese husbands who live in the West. 

First of all, there are array of shores in and around Pattaya.

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