Lottery win is bad for your health ?

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It is the only hope for the poor to make it rich without sweating for it. Even if they worked very hard , they will not make it into the rich category.

Those who are capable may need a long time to accumulate their riches. Many want a shortcut way to riches.

There are three and sometimes four lottery draws in a week in Malaysia. There is another big lottery with the first prize being Rm$3million .

Many poor people play those lotteries regularly . Some place small bets while others may hope of striking it rich and becoming a millionaire.

The big boss of those lotteries are sure winners and the government gets a cut through taxes.

Despite those horrendous odds,those punters believed in their luck.There are many stories of people striking it rich due to circumstances.

Sometimes, extra ordinary things or events happened and those people bet on those events. They looked up in the ‘numbers dictionary ‘which interpret events or things into numbers.

One of my friend found an egg near his car and he exaggerated his story to his friend that a hen laid an egg on top of his car.

Both of them interpreted the events and bought his car number, the egg number and the hen number. That very day of the first draw, all three numbers came up and they were richer by a few thousands.

Was it pure coincidence ? They were very lucky indeed.

WINNING the lottery is bad for your health even though it makes you happy.

Many punters do not accept this fact. They see the rich and their opulent lifestyles and want to be like them without working for it.Greed has blinded them.,

They think that money can solve all their problems in life and they will live luxuriously without any financial worries.

No worries matey! They can always seek the best doctors money can buy ,to cure them if they are sick.

Jackpot winners drink and smoke too much as they celebrate their good fortune and enjoy their new-found wealth.

When a man has plenty of money, he would indulge in those ‘sin’ activities. He would gamble more, womanize, visit hookers, keep mistresses ,drink more, smoke more and eat more of those expensive foods.

They end up having “worse lifestyles” and suffer long-term health problems.

Buying the lottery is like cutting your pound of flesh and selling it to the Sherlock. It is your blood , sweat and toil money .

Think of what you can do with those money instead of feeding it to the hungry tiger.

It is still not to late to stop this gambling habit.It is addictive and can destroy your happiness.

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