Dead for 5 years and no one noticed !

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Had her downstairs neighbour not noticed water dripping through her ceiling, she would still be dead and unnoticed by anyone.Nobody noticed any foul smell coming out from her flat?

The badly decomposed remains of an 89-year-old woman,Miss Purves were discovered in her flat five years after she died,

This is a sad reflections of the times we live in. You could be dead and nobody knows until something drastic happens and you are discovered.

People who lives alone are vulnerable. If they do not work or have any relatives or friends, they may die without anyone knowing or unable to get help while dying.

In today’s busy living world, there is no time to get to know our neigbours. We all mind our own business and ignore our neigbours.

After work , we will return home and locked ourselves in our homes and enter into our own private world.

In the modern city life, it is everyone for himself/herself.We have no time for our neigbours unless there are advantages to us. Otherwise, we don’t give a damned about our neighbours.

Sometimes neighbours too,do not like to mix around or kept aloof from us. It could either be a misunderstandings or a growing social problem.

Nobody noticed she was missing as her pension was paid directly into a bank account and bills were paid by direct debit.The convenience of modern life has its drawbacks.

This is a very sad but true case. It is not easy living next to a loner because old people can be obnoxious and sometimes they can cause frictions or troubles or do not like people to poke into their business.

As the population grows older, this will become a common occurrence in the foreseeable future unless the government does something about it.

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Its not really good to die and no one every tried to figure out nor wonder where you’ve been. Its sad to know that such a tragic death would be discovered after many years. I am hoping for her peaceful soul.

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