Allergic to modern life ?

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Can you imagine yourself living in a world where there are no mobile phones, microwave ovens, radios, televisions and WiFi-enabled computers or laptops?

It is like going back to the dark ages. No one would like to go back in time unless they are forced to. Life would be more cheaper, simpler and healthier and less stressful.

Some day , who knows, we may have to go back to the stone age when this world ends and a new world begins.

People living near those telecommunication towers have complained about the effects of those electromagnetic impulses emitted from those towers .

There are people who says that there are no scientific evidence that those waves of electrical energies are harmful to human beings but I am inclined to believes that those people living within the vicinity of those towers may have their health affected in the long run.

There are those who believed that it can cause harm to the health of those people in the long run. Some people are always sick or unhealthy and they cannot pinpoint the cause of their sickness.

It may not affect everyone but it does cause some difficulties to those people who are allergic to those electromagnetic impulses.

Some people may have their health affected like this lady ,former TV producer, Sarah Dacre, 53. She was finally diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity.

She suffered from numbness down the right side of her body and bad digestion,high blood pressure , ,attacks ,breathlessness,blurred vision, heart arythmia, thyroid problems, vertigo, tinnitus, and chronic fatigue.

Electromagnetic impulses could cause those harmful effects on the human body, and the symptoms is called electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS.

She had to clear her bedroom of the phone, TV, computer and electrical wires of any kind, and lined it with foil wallpaper.

She could not be near, or be in public buildings such as airports, railway stations, museums or restaurants; travel on the Tube, or drive on a motorway without triggering symptoms of EHS.

When finally diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity, her illness forced her to leave both her job and her home.

She is allergic to modern technology and now stays in the rural area without all those electronic gadgets.

When she found out the cause of her sickness, she avoided those places and equipments and almost immediately, she began to feel better, to have more energy, and to sleep and eat better.

Are you allergic to modern living ?

Reference and thanks to :-–Im-allergic-modern-life.html

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