Have a baby before 35?

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“New evidence from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says it is increasingly difficult for women to become pregnant after the age of 35.”(dailymail.co.uk)

This isn’t exactly good news to many of those women who are 35 and still childless or unmarried.

It is an early warning to those who are near the age boundaries and that it pays to heed those warnings before it is too late. Don’t leave everything to chance or fate.

To be told that the chances of having your own babies after 35 is difficult is like taking apart of your life away.

This certain part of your life will never be fulfilled and you would not feel like a complete woman.

Many women left it too late and their lifelong dreams of becoming a mother to her pretty baby can only belong in the fantasy world. There is nothing more they can do anything about it unless they have plenty of money to burn by going for the IVF.

During her most fertile years, most women focus on her careers and social life and when they realized it is time to enjoy motherhood, they have gone by the expiry date.

By then ,it is not you who will decide if you want motherhood but mother nature.

If women does not want to miss the boat, they should have babies before 35 or they will risk missing out on motherhood.

The best age to have babies is from 20 to 35 and the younger the better. Older mothers may face infertility problems , higher risk of miscarriage and birth complications.Older mothers may also suffer from diabetes and preeclampsia,which can lead to blood clots and serious complications, or even death.

There is also the higher risk of deformities to the babies and other defects like Downs Syndrome .

Some women may go for IVF treatments which is very expensive .
Fertility treatment has a success rate of 31 per cent for women up to the mid-30s but drops to a mere 5 per cent for those 42 and over.

Recently a 66 year’s old woman ,Elizabeth Adeney became a mother through IVF.(http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1182919/A-baby-66-desperate-divorcee-set-Britains-oldest-mother.html).She gave birth to a 5lbs 3 oz boy and both are doing fine.

She was desperate for a child. She is a wealthy business women and could afford the IVF process. For those who could not afford it , they would have to resign to their fates.

Due to the technological advance in science, women can have pregnancies even when they do not produce any eggs.

The fertilized donor egg is impregnated into her womb by the IVF method. If it is not possible, the fertilized eggs can be impregnated into a surrogate mum.

The oldest woman in the world to give birth was 70-year-old Omkari Panwar from India, who had a twin boy and girl last year.

There are moral and ethical considerations of having a baby so late in life.It is her decision and we should not judge her. It is something which she yearns for and she got it.

I believed everything happens because God wills it to happen. In her case , she is blessed with a young life .

Some women can be under the impressions that they can have babies even after their 40’s.
We have read about those aging celebrities who are over 40’s ,like Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry and Madonna having children , But what was not reported was that they used a donor egg, or donor sperm (their husbands could be infertile)

You will have to decide if you want your own children or your career. Would you prefer material success or motherhood?

Which will give you more satisfaction and fulfillment as a woman ?

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3 Responses to “Have a baby before 35?”

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Yap, after 35 is always very difficult. Unless you wanna think about IVF…


I think it is not mainly for their careers that many women delay having a baby. It’s rather because, they cannot find the right man, who will be the father of their child.

Laura1318: That is the major reason and I agree with you. Women are more intelligent and with the increased knowledge, they only seek the ‘right’ man.

Good for you for defending a womens right to have a child at any age if she likes.

I had my son at 36 and he is perfectly healthy.

What the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists don’t tell you is WHY! So many women are jacking up their estrogen levels by taking the pill, eating meat pumped up with hormones, eating processed foods and not to mention all the xenohormones.

We get a warning label with these hormones but figure since our docs say they are ok that they actually ARE OK. They are not. Unopposed Estrogen is terrible for our bodies. It’s the reason there are so many people with diabetes and other issues.

Having these unopposed estrogens also can cause fibroids to grow. Then they want to get women to get hysterectomies and take premarin *at least in the US.

Doctors here are cone biopsy happy too, that can cause some infertility as well..

Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. Women need to drive their own health care and take charge. We are becoming more and more health conscious and educated.

A great site I found for driving ones own health is http://www.EmpowHer.com

Thanks again.

Laura1318:- Thanks for your great contributions and informative post.

It is not that women does not want to have babies before 35 but the ever changing world trends and lifestyles have pushed motherhood beyond the late 30’s and 40’s.

As the level of education of women increases, the prospects of marriage decreases. Women of this present generations are marrying in their 30’s and 40’s .There is not much one can do about that.We have evolved into this present stage.

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