Want to join a nudist colony?

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“You come into this world with nothing and you will leave this world the same way.”

You cannot take anything with you , not even the clothes on your back.

Why do people want to be nudist?

These people want to experience the beauty of nature and feel relaxed. They want to feel close to nature and being born free like those wild animals.

It is a way of life and in some nudist colony they have spas, nature trails, indoor activities and other features.

Most of those nudist are middle age and it is difficult to find the young members.

Joining a nudist colony is not for everyone.You would need to have the right frame of mind and be not bound by your bias and prejudices.

If you are the religious type, it will be out of question.It will be easier to join a group than to start one on your one.

There are nudist colonies or camps in some developed countries like Germany, Sweden and Belgium. There are many beaches in the world which allows nudity.

You may not join a nudist camp but for some people they may prance around the house totally naked and without a stitch of clothing on them.That is as far as they can go,feeling like a nudist .

Most of us will not be able to go totally naked because we do not live alone .

There are many misconceptions about nudist and what they do .When you think of a nudist camp, you would probably think of a sex orgy and everyone having sex with anyone they meet. It would be like a free for all .This is stereotype thinking and our imaginations can run riot.

Furthermore, you would think that there would be hard bodies or gorgeous nymphs strutting around their stuffs. If you are thinking along these lines, you can probably forget about joining a nudist colony.

Nothing is more from the truth. You would most probably witness,average-looking guys and gals, saddle bags, love handles, cellulite and other droopy parts. …LOL!

In truth, it is just like any normal society except that they are able to accept their nakedness in front of each other.

Initially they may have some excitements or curiosities but in time , everything will become normal to them.

Being naked is not without it disadvantages as our bodies are exposed and unprotected from infections or creepy crawlies .

It can be an experience to join a nudist colony and I wonder what the experience would be like? Would it be gross?

Dare to bare all!!

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30 Responses to “Want to join a nudist colony?”

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I would love the freedom. I wish there was a local club.

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yes i would like to join a nudist colony

yes i do free sex naked women sounds great

I love being naked expressing myself walking around in my apartment
I sleep naked a lot of the times

There are no nudist “colonies”, and if you know anything about us, you would know we are resorts

Hello..I have always wanted to be a nudist and join a community…my kids are all grown now..I’m 44 and in great shape..i would like to join and work for my community an be free from clothing and stress..if you know a contact please let me know i live in Fla…and i will travel anywhere to be free..thank you Rene

I want to join because of I want to leave all the comfort of life and be a free mind .

Brandon u nude at home be nude walk around no clothes free relaxing
U should try it

I’m home nudist I sleep nude all morning all night day evening love feel breeze feel there no clothes
Being nude day I’m free releaxed
I love join nudist resort
Experience for my self

I am really wanting to live this life. But how do i?

I want join nudist colony
I love being naked expressing myself walking around in my apartment
I sleep naked a lot of the times

I am James. Chinese Indonesian. Iwant to join nudist community too. My email address: tk98james@gamil.com. Please help me.

My wife recently pasded. I was a memer of your. Nudist or

i really think being without clothing is natural, I do it all the time, when my wife is home and my son, so do they, we aren’t ashamed and there is nothing dirty about it. I think some one needs to make it know to all who have questions about it, that it is not sexual there’s no underlying devious behavior, I went to a nude beach years ago, and there was a very pretty teen girl there with her family, after a minute you look past that and see she was just a kid out with her family, she was playing Frisbee with her mom and younger brother there was nothing sexual about it at all, if anything it really establishes a better bond I think. I believe even religious folks should try it, we were all born to our lord naked and he never judged us on our nudity, but on our morals and hearts our truth.

im a older male and I think I could be nude in front of others. at first I would most likely get excited seeing so many naked around, but I think I could adjust fairely easy. it sounds like fun to just sit and talk to a naked lady. I go naked in my home when my wife not around, cause she doesn’t believe in free nudty. I like the idea but nothing around my area here in Texas. my email address is hengst.kathy@yahoo.com maby I can meet a female nudist by email. thank you for ur article.

i ready all information .i am indian so i also interested for join nude group so do have any opening at india.

How do i join a nudist colony?

I just like the feel of being nude,Im always nude in my house, i wanta be nude all day long

How do I join a nudist Colony

I have many questions and would like more imformation before I can decide.By reading your introduction its pretty much what I expected.And I don’t think I would have any problems.I like being naked(except in the winter time)Please contact me.

How do I go about joining a nudist colony.I’m ready and don’t know where to start.And wondering is sex exceptable.I have many question I need to ask.Who do I contact.How expensive is it.Are there any in Missouri?I need help!!

Hey everyone, I found a web address for nudism. It’s a new area to see many different kinds of nude teens, kids, parents that live their lives in a nudist community. Can anyone let me know if its a great site too go too or if its just another scam. I think it was great cause no torrent sites hold anything like this.

I visited my first nudist beach nearly 7 years ago. I thought along the lines of hard bodies too – what I found was normal people enjoying the outdoors and everyone was respectful to others space.
I’ve been looking forward to my next visit since.

Found your blog interesting and humorous. If I could be so bold, I would like to express a couple of thoughts as a nudist…

There are over 200 Nudist/Clothing optional resorts or clubs across North America. More than a few have chapels on site and Christian Nudists are in abundance throughout the membership of the American Association for Nude Recreation (aanr).

Most nudists enjoy their pastime simply because it is more comfortable to be without the hindrance of clothing, especially when swimming or tanning.

While it is true that many nudists are baby boomers, that tends to be true only because they have reached a point in their lives and careers where they do not have to worry so much about how others may react to their manner of dress while participating in their recreation. There are many clubs that consist of younger members and there is a large contingent of nudist youth. Many of those visit the numerous “free” beaches that are legally nude. Mainly due to the lower cost associated with free public beaches. They can be found in New Jersey, Florida, Oregon, California and other States.

On July 11, 2009 we invite everyone that would like to try clothing optional recreation to visit a club or resort near them to participate in the AANR – World Record Skinny Dip, a Guinness World Record Event. A visit to the AANR website will provide the list of locations where the event will be held at 3PM Eastern “Nudist” Time. If you are nervous, but would like to be part of this Guinness World Record, our rules will allow you to enter the water wearing a swimsuit, then remove it and hold it overhead for the actual event. Each club however will set that rule for thier location, so check first.

Many are surprised to learn that the majority of Nudists are conservatives and are upper middle class and above, professionals and white collar workers.

You can visit most clubs for a free tour of the facilities and understanding of the true nature of nude recreation. Come on in … the water’s fine. 🙂

Laura1318:- Thank you very much and my appreciations for your detailed information’s about nudist activities in the US.I hope those who are interested will take up your offer.

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