Woman beggar with RM1,800 cash hidden in her bra and panties.

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Not all beggars are poor. There are rich beggars and not so rich beggars.Some people would rather be beggars than work because it can pay well if you are in the right place.

All you have to do is to make yourself pitiful, swallow your pride and dressed in rags and there will be many people who will take pity on you and give you alms.

The takings per day can be substantial and they may even earn more than a graduate.

You won’t die from hunger because you can go into some restaurants and finished off those foods which are left behind.

The food stall owners may even give you free food to keep you away from their place.

This particular woman beggar when caught by the state Immigration Department officers ,was found with Rm1,800.00 stashed inside her bra and panties.

It is believed that she made that much in one week’s work! That is sure a lot of money in these bad times.

We hear many stories of beggars with lots of cash on their bodies and some even have large bank accounts. Some keep their money buried under the ground because they were afraid of being robbed.

There are syndicates which kidnapped young children and teach them to beg on the streets in those big towns.

There are even stories about young girls being kidnapped and had their limbs chopped off and placed in strategic places to beg. I do not know if it is true or not. It is certainly very scary and terrible to commit such a crime. To those evil perpetrators , the end justifies the means.

The next time you want to give those beggars any money, you will have to think twice. It is better to donate your money to those charity organizations which can really help those who are poor and the handicapped.

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