Come to church and have a beer!

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It does not look like a conventional and traditional church , the people come in shorts and flip flops and drink beer in a normal and ordinary way.

It is not the standard type of church building as one would expect.

Why hold the church service at a brewery?

The church is about a group of people and not the building which is only a place for them to meet.

The people can meet anywhere where it is convenient .The location is not important , it is the heart of those people who are willing to listen to God’s word.

The people in this town has their own unique culture. They do not believe in going to a conventional church but having the church come to their watering hole.

Though it is an unorthodox way to meet ,there is nothing wrong in their culture .As long as the people are willing to listen to the word of God, anywhere is possible.

The message of God is conveyed to them in their favourite surroundings and there is no need to have any pretensions about their lifestyles.

What is important is the word of God and not whether one is dressed in their best Sunday attires.

What good if you have form but no substance? You need to preach and live by what you preach otherwise you are a hypocrite.

It is not about attracting beer drinkers who would not want to go to a conventional church service on a Sunday.

There are people who do not like to go to a Sunday service in the church for their own reasons.

The Christian ministers, Tucker and Hall must have received a revelation from God to hold the church at a public place where those people usually congregate.

When those people were receptive to that idea, the church at the brewery was born .

It is a very good idea as they do not have to maintain and upkeep a place and those resources would be devoted to more important charitable causes.

The church is not affiliated to any denominations. The minister believes in simplicity and the understanding of God’s word, fulfilling the church mission and to serve others.

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