Married to a Man and in Love with a Woman,

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Living Two Lives: Married to a Man and in Love with a Woman is an interesting book written by suburban mom Joanne Fleisher.

Some women have a secret life or living two life’s. They are struggling to come out of their closet and have no where to turn to .

They cannot get any help from their heterosexual friends who may not know anything about this issue or from the gay community because they don’t feel a part of that community yet.

It is harder for a women to come out and declare that she is gay and once she comes out in the open , the marriage will be under intense pressure and will not last.

More often than not , they will have to go separate ways .No matter how accommodating her husband is , he cannot fill the role of her lesbian lover.It is not about him but her.

For such couples, there are three choices. Stay in the marriage and remain unhappy, stay in the marriage and carry out an affair or let him go and live your own life.

Most would select the last choice. They can still be friends as they are still the parent of their children. They may have changed but the love for their children will remain the same.

Once ,they come out in the open with their decisions, a big weight is lifted off from their shoulders. They are now free and unshackled from their chains. They will find their life peaceful and serene and will not be troubled anymore with their guilt .

Being gay can be a problem in some parts of the world or where the society cannot accept this concept. Even Christians are divided about gays.

I do not think that we should discriminate against gay Christians but to accept them whatever their sexual preference are.

Who are we to judge them ?

We cannot change them and only God can. We should leave it to God . To ban them or to have nothing to do with them is wrong.

How much do you understand about gays ? Most probably zilch!

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