Marrying for money …

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If only life is that simple and we don’t have to face with making hard and difficult choices.

To marry someone who has money but no love or to marry someone you love but who have no money . Will love triumph over money ? This is a dilemma.

During the feudal era, a woman had no choice, she was given into marriage whether she loves him or not. She will have to accept her fate and her new role as a wife and mother of his kids.

The traditional marriage too shared the same characteristics. She will learn to love her husband after she gets married to him.

The modern women have been freed from this culture and is allowed to choose her mate for herself. Presented with a choice, she would need to decide long and hard.

A marriage that is without love can be a very difficult union. She may enjoy a materialistic lifestyle but she would find an emotional emptiness or a lack of emotional fulfillment. A marriage in pursuit of riches will find other areas lacking. She cannot have it all.

Later she may find that she is just a trophy and maybe traded in for a younger model. Her husband could be the controlling type who will make her life miserable.

Everything becomes meaningless and superficial .She feels like being imprisoned in her own home .

Being rich , he will have a higher standards and a higher expectations of you .It would be simply impossible to satisfy his whims and fancies and in time , he will get fed up and leave for a newer model.

Those who marry for pure love will be happier, contented and emotionally fulfilled. Even though they maybe poor,the love will sustain them and they will enjoy closer rapport with each other. As long as their love is intact, everything would be fine and marvelous.

There is an analogy about a marriage between beauty and riches and why it is never good.

Beauty does not last and it will fade and depreciate in value over time, while money can grow and appreciate.

When money is gone , beauty will leave because there is nothing more for her in that relationship. So too will he when her beauty is gone .

A union of beauty and riches will only last when those conditions exist and when one is gone , there is nothing to hold the marriage anymore.

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