Never give out your bank account number.

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Never give out your bank account number to anyone , not even your best friend , relatives or your boss.

You do not know what is their intentions and when you find out about it , it maybe too late to save you from the heartaches .

A few youths were lured with easy jobs with good money without suspecting anything until loan sharks started harassing them.

They had to give out their personal bank account numbers to the company’s clients and a certain amount of money was deposited into their accounts.

They then had to take out the money from the bank and gave it to their boss and received a lucrative commission.

The boss did not have an office but worked out of a coffee shop at a shopping center and there was no company name .Isn’t that very fishy?

A company that does not have an office .There are some who may have an office address but the barest minimum of furniture’s . This should raise some red flags and it could be a fly by night company.

The boss borrowed money from those loan sharks without their knowledge and since it was their accounts, the loan sharks went after them for the repayments.

The boss could be working with those loan sharks and now it was their problem . The boss denied everything and cut them off. He will probably disappear and to reappear in another place to carry out his schemes.They were too trusting or too innocent.

Anyone who requested your bank accounts for help in the transfer of money should be treated with utmost suspicions. It could be illegal money laundering and all those money trails will lead to you . That is a capital offense and you can be jailed for this crime.

If your job requires you to have your personal bank accounts to handle the company’s financing’s, you will be in dire troubles when the boss commits any illegal acts. Get out before it is too late.

If someone or your best friend or relatives offer you a very good deal, be very suspicious .

It is probably a get rich scheme or a sham. Do not be greedy and fall prey to it. Your greed can blind your eyes and you will be conned of your money.

There are many scams these days and they are getting more innovative and if something is too good to be true, you better not swallow their bait.

The recession has spawned more new high tech crooks and one must always be on the alert for such cons in real life and in the internet.

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