Those super tight, skinny and tingling jeans.

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There was once the itsy ,bitsy, tweeny ,weenie ,yellow polka dot bikini trend in the 70’s and now the super tight , skinny, weenie, teeny and tingling blue jeans.

You can see them everywhere ,whenever those modern teens gather. You often wonder how they managed to wriggle into those skin tight and skinny jeans. They are so trendy and in vogue among the younger generations.

Not everyone likes them because they can be uncomfortable and the tightness of those jeans can cause discomforts .They can also cause a tingling sensations or meralgia paresthetica. They feel a tingling sensation like numbness or slight pain running up and down their thighs.This is caused by the constant pressures on the nerves .

If you are going to wear those skin tight jeans, you will become a victim of those fashion trends.

With a five inches high stilletos or a shoe that is one or two sizes too small for your feet, you will end up killing your feet and maybe give you backaches too.

According to some , you could find a weird sensation in your legs as though you are floating when you are walking.You feel like your legs are not there or gone to sleep.

There is a rise of these conditions among the young girls.. This condition usually affect those obese people who are forced to wear skin tight jeans .

There were rumors that snug jeans caused infertility in men and yeast infections in women. How far it is true, I don’t know?

There is no permanent risk of injuries as long as they remove those pressures. If you feel those sensations , you will know why?

Even with that knowledge, there are girls who will follow the fashions and disregard those tingling sensations. They want to look trendy and beautiful.

Those fashionistas are willing to suffer and torture themselves for the sake of their vanities. Women are vain creatures.

They buy and wear smaller size shoes , jeans, blouses in order to look cute and cuddly.

Oh! Well! Since it is not a life or death issue , so what?

They do not always wear those skinny tight jeans all the time any way.

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