Will he marry me ?

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When you love your partner with all your heart and soul and he loves you back the same , it is only a matter of time ,you would expect him to pop that question,”Will you marry me ?”

You have been waiting patiently and earnestly for that proposal from him and would probably have prepared your reply beforehand. Sadly and disappointingly , those loving and ever precious words will remain still born in his brain.

You will need to graft those words into his heart and when summer comes, you should see a new shoot and if you cannot see any new shoots,he is not the one for you.

Some women may have waited from two to 8 years and some forever .If you are not going to push for it , the men would just sit on the fence and do nothing . He loves you and wants to be with you but his words and deeds do not match.

After two or three years and if he cannot commit to you , there is no hope in that relationship and it would be better to move on and find another man.Some women can go on having an uncommitted relationship for many years.

They are only deceiving themselves . If he cannot commit to you now , what makes you think he will commit to you five years or ten years down the road ?

Your biological clock is ticking and you want to have kids as early as possible .He seems not to be in a hurry or oblivious of your needs and it never crosses his mind that time is an essential factor.Everyday is just the same to him and he is bobbing around directionless and soaking up your sunshine.

Whenever you want to bring up the subject of marriage,he seems lukewarm about it and he does not share your views. After all, you are living like a married couple and what is a piece of paper?

Do you want a piece of paper or a loving and happy relationship ?

Most men would posed that question to the women but one needs to understand a woman’s psyche.

Your perspective is different and being married legally offers you security ,official status and matters when dealing with the state like death , divorce or inheritance.

If the state recognize such loose relationships, then there is no problem but in many countries, a marriage certificate or if your marriage is registered with the state , then you have a local standing . Otherwise, you are nobody and cannot sue or claim your rights as his wife or his inheritance .

Many couples are living together or cohabiting and having children too.They are not married but are living like married couples.The men are enjoying this arrangements without having any legal commitments to their partners.If they don’t like each other, they can just leave . This is an unfair advantage to the women.

A marriage is like a contract and is binding . When you don’t have a marriage contract, your bonds may not be strong and he can easily break away or tempted away by another younger women.

If the man loves you , why are they afraid to get married ? Would they not want to go to the end of the world with you or die for you ?

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One Response to “Will he marry me ?”

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I guess men always fear when we talk about commitment. If he’s not going to marry you, then he probably just using you as a backup plan. Just in case he couldn’t find someone better.

I think the previous generation is much more easier, you find someone you think you can live with, you propose to her and get married. And the most importantly, you stick with your partner until they die.

Laura1318: –
Thanks for your input. That is a correct assessment of the men in this century.

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