There is a monster in everyone of us.

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You will never know this monster until it comes out of the evil darkness ,deep inside of that person.

Behind every person there lurks a monster waiting to be released or born. You cannot judge a person from the outside for the monster in him can feed on his anger and hate and grow beyond his control.

Many a times, we may feel like losing control and letting this monster to take over the driver’s seat.

If this monster is allowed to take over, we will be going on a disastrous journey .

Sometimes, life’s can be lost because we don’t know how to control our emotions and anger.

There is a trigger in each of us and we need to recognize when we have reached that point and run away from that situation.

Running away is the only answer as you cannot fight those forces that is arrayed against you.

You do not know what you are up against and it maybe something that you have never experienced before.

Like the Tsunami, those tidal waves which will sweep you off and there is nothing you can do or fight against.

You are powerless and if you do not run away , you will have to pick up those destruction’s that those forces left behind.

A divorced mother with a 3 year’s old wanted to find a step father for her toddler but ended up losing him .

This is a very sad , unfortunate and tragic story. He did not find the right man but a monster who did not meet her ideals but took her most precious possessions from her.

Her boyfriend was jealous of the toddler because he felt she cared more for her son than him.

They argued frequently and they could not find a way out of this problem. It festered and grew cancerous ,leading to the abuse of her toddler and death at the hand of this monster.

He was bashed so brutally by her boyfriend that he became brain dead and died four days later in the hospital.

Such incidents can happen anywhere and anytime. As mothers, you should be watchful and observe your man’s behaviour towards your children.

This does not happen suddenly but can build up over time. If you think , he has anger problems and treat the child harshly , you should nip the problem in the bud.

Do not leave them alone together. Always be watchful .Seek help and get him to see a therapist or counselor.

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