He wanted her to return the gifts and money

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Man demands ‘break up fee’s’ from ex girlfriend and for all those gifts and money spent on her. Otherwise he would upload her naked pictures and sex videos online.

What a cheap sauerkraut and low life creature !

She reported to the police fearing the man would make good his threat.

This is a very unfortunate incident and she has only herself to blame .

Why did she agree to have her naked pictures and sex videos with him?

She put herself in a disadvantage position and open herself to blackmail.It is easy to take pictures with the camera phone and video .

Sometimes, one party may secretly video the events without the other party aware of it.

Such happenings are very common these days with all those mini spy cameras.

These days whenever you are in a public place or even in somebody’s home , you will have to be careful when you are changing your clothes or naked. Check the mirrors and for any suspicious looking objects .

When you are on good terms , every thing would be hunky dory but human relationship is a complex matter. There are ups and owns in any relationship.

Today a friend but tomorrow an enemy or vice versa.There are the good times and there are the bad times.

You should always protect your interest and never compromise your integrity and welfare. It is a mistake many girls do not realize that the good times may not always last.

When the relationship is over after you have tried your very best to salvage it , you should come to terms with it and move on.

For some girls, they would return his things or throw them away and be not reminded of him . He is history.

For a man to demand back his money, gifts and a break up fee’s is ungentlemanly and down right obnoxious and repugnant.

He should cut his losses and vamoose from her life.There is no honour and it would only bring more shame and discredit to his name.

Let her go ,for the anger in your heart burns you more than her.

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