The opt-out revolution.”

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There was a time when the lure of the family life preceded their careers in the office .

They have reached a watershed in their life’s.The impending decision will have a great impact in their future generations and the directions of the family .

To opt out of her career and to concentrate on being a full time mother to her kids.

Would it be a wise decision ?

Some lucky one’s had a choice to opt out while many others were forced to carry on with the burden of career and motherhood.

Women with children felt guilty pangs about their children and their inability to provide more love for them. The feelings of neglect can be over powering and gives her no peace.

Sometimes, they did not get the good quality care of those nannies who looked after their children.

A mother always knows what is best for her child.Letting her child grow up with some total stranger is not a good and viable options.

In the Malaysian context , most families hire maids from Indonesia and the Philippines. With stories of those abuses by those maids in the news, many mothers may have no choice but to opt out of work.

It is not cheap to hire maids and it might be as well to quit and look after one’s children.

Before it was only RM$4500.00 for the agent’s fee’s but now it has risen to RM$7500.00. On top of that , they have to feed , clothe and house them and pay them between RM450.00 to Rm550.00 per month .The middle class are badly affected.

For those newly weds living in the capital Kuala Lumpur or those big cities in Malaysia, having children is unfathomable unless by accident. One or two children is the norm for those who can afford children.

Some of them may even have to send their children back to their grandparents who reside in the rural or suburban’s districts.

They just could not afford to hire maids or nannies due to the high cost of living in those towns.

The child may not be close to her but instead to the nanny. At the back of her mind, she may feel ill at ease because her child may not receive the best mother’s love from those nannies who may abuse or ill treat her kids.

As a result , many women opt out of the work force to look after their kids full time.Some of them give up their lucrative ,high powered jobs and make big sacrifices in their careers to attend to the needs of their kids.

When their kids are grown up and flies away , the call to return to their careers tugs at their hearts. It will be a difficult decision .

The urge and the objective of staying as a full time wife and mother is no more there.

The world has changed and they may find that they have to start all over again . The opportunities to go back can be limited because of the current depressions.

Many firms are downsizing and few are employing . They also have to deal with their age and sexual bias.

Those working mothers will have to weight the pro’s and the con’s carefully because if they opt out, it will be difficult to go back .

If their kids grow up to be successful and well rounded, their sacrifices would not be in vain.

If their kids grow up and become rebels , all their efforts would be down the gutter.

Everything is fated and you will have to accept your destiny.

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