O ye, of little faith…

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Matthew 14:30
But when he [Peter] saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

Matthew 14:31

And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

This is the rebuke leveled at the disciples of Christ, when seeming to doubt his divinity.

We need to have faith in our God but we need to discern what is right or wrong .

We should not test God. There are many ways God can speak to us or grant us our wish.

Modern medicine is one of God’s healing ways. The knowledge to heal all kinds of sickness comes from God.We should not reject modern medicine and think of it as paganism.

God gives us a brain to think and we need to use a lot of common sense.Blind faith is very dangerous.

Our understandings of God’s words may not be perfect and we may interpret the Bible wrongly.

Sometimes we maybe taught wrongly by those pastors too because of their lack of proficiency in that language or their lack of visions and understandings of God’s words.

They too can suffer from a lack of faith or misplaced faith.After all , they are humans too and not an angel of God.

In March last year, Madeline Neumann, 11, died from undiagnosed diabetes.

Her parents are very religious and believed only in prayers and not in modern medicine. They believed that only God can save and heal her daughter from that sickness.

Did they go overboard in their religious beliefs?

Even when she had slipped into a coma and at the point of death , their faith did not waiver and continued to be steadfast in their prayers to God.

Did God answer them ?

She died! How do you reconcile that? Was it because God allowed her to die or she was destined to die and God allowed it?

You can always rationalize for what happened but their daughter is gone.

Would it make a difference if she was given medical attentions ? Her parents did not give her that chance to live .

If they have tried and she still died, then we can say it is God’s will and accept the fait accompli. Amen!

If you are marooned on a deserted island where there is no modern hospitals , then you will have to depend on your faith alone. You do not have any choice. Life or death is in God’s hand.

And now, they stand trial for her death which prosecutors said was unnecessary.

Her mother believed in the Bible and that healing’s come from God and never expected her daughter to die !!!
She thought that it was God’s test of her faith in Him.

She did not belong to any organized religious group She decided herself and did not seek any second opinions from others.

Little knowledge is always dangerous. You know so little yet believed that you have the answers to life. They think they are God’s special children and will receive what they asked for .

Sometimes, I think many Christians are just brainwashed with those religious doctrines and cannot think for themselves anymore. They just follow blindly what their leaders tell them.It is easy to control people by using religion.

I too once acted that way till one day I left the group and began to see the truth. While inside that group , there was herd mentality and everyone would think the same way.

An autopsy showed that Madeline died from diabetes that left her with too little insulin in her body. Insulin regulates the sugar level in the blood.

The girl was finally taken to a hospital after other family members, including one in California, called 911 to seek emergency help, but it was too late.

Don’t test God nor have blind faith.God works in mysterious ways and is beyond our understandings and comprehensions.

There will be many cases like these in the future and sadly you cannot prevent it.

May you rest in peace ,Madeline Neumann. Amen!

Picture of the girl’s mother

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2 Responses to “O ye, of little faith…”

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Dear Laura
I love this post. Im glad I bumped into your blog.

Laura1318:- Hi Tina ! Thank you ! The pleasure is mine .

walking a “grain of mustard seed” faith walk with hope that marriage will be restored. Needed to read this thanks

Laura1318 :- You are welcome! A mustard seed is very small but it will grow into a very big tree.

Life is not without trials and tribulations. It is those hardships which make us stronger to face the challenges in life.

A sailor will never be a good sailor if he does not experience the storms in his career.

When you have come to a dead end , it is better to change course. We cannot change others but only ourselves.

Prayers for your marriage and may you find the peace and tranquility in your marriage.

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