Ouch! That hurts!

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A 56 year old Belgium man’s willy was bitten and was nearly severed during sex with a Thai woman in Pattaya, Thailand .

She was jealous of his other affair with another Thai woman. Don’t play – play with a Thai woman or for the matter ,any women. You will learn to regret the hard lessons in life.

He may get to sew it back on but
whether he will be able regain it’s function will be another matter.

They quarrelled after she came to know about his other affair. It is always dangerous to make love to a woman when her anger have not subsided .

You need to make up with her first or otherwise you will face the dire consequences.She could feel being used and dirty when you touch her.

Her revulsion can be so great that deep hatred would form in her heart. Once it takes root, the devil in her would be released from her inner dark dungeons.

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!” It can be a moment of insanity or the devil took over her driver’s seat.

She could not control her emotions and anger any longer and the opportunity to revenge on his unfaithfulness presented on her lap.

Some abused women may not have the chance to sleep together but they will have diabolical schemes to snip off or cut off their manhood. It is the only way she thinks he should be punished for his sins.

The are other ways in which women can pay back the men for their unfaithfulness and mental tortures or abuse. In some countries , the laws are on the sides of the women.

Do not think that they are docile , timid and incapable of such acts. Treat them with much respects if you want to get the best from them.

If you think you want to steal another woman’s kiss , think of this poor guy. You could be lucky once, but you will not be that lucky always.

A woman’s lips is always sweet… but it’s fruit is always bitter.

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