Optician fits lenses wrongly.

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Many people in this generation are shortsighted and needs to wear glasses to correct their impairments.

Changing their glasses or getting a new pair of glasses can be a trying time.

Different people have different reactions to the wearing of the new glasses. Some maybe mild while others can be extremes.

Some may feel dizzy or faint a little bit , some may feel like vomiting like those morning sickness of pregnant women.

Those symptoms should not last and should be only temporary in nature.

If they persist, then you should go back to the optical store to inform them. He would find out the causes and remedy them.

If the problem is not solved, you should go and seek a second opinion from another optician as the first optician could be inexperienced or lack of expertise.

Sometimes, he may ask you to be a bit more patient but if the conditions are still the same , you will have to go back again to the store to have your powers reduced. Your problems will most probably be solved.

Sometimes, opticians may over prescribe your power. They may have given you the higher power which is perfect for your clear visions but are uncomfortable for long term wear.

It is too clear and can cause you discomforts and strains. Your eyes are not relaxed and have to strain with the higher power. Such a power is unsuitable for constant wear.

Refraction or testing of the eyes is about striking a balance between clear visions and comfort and a balance with the left and right eye.

Opticians or optometrist are only human . Sometimes they do make mistakes in their prescriptions or fittings of lenses .

If you find your new glasses is uncomfortable or cannot get used to it ( accommodation), you should go back to the optical store to have them checked .

It may take some time to get used to the new glasses.Three days to a week is enough time to know if the glasses are not suitable for you.

Listen to your children and do not always assume that the optician is correct.

It is because of the power prescriptions or the glasses is not properly aligned or not properly fitted on your face. Misaligned or improperly fitted glasses can cause headaches or nausea.

When business is good or when there are many patients, mistakes are bound to happen.

Calling for the optician to be sacked is too drastic. You can sue him and seek compensations .

Experience is a very important factor. Sometimes, those optometrist have too many optical outlets and they do employ those people who may not be up to the standards.

Even eye surgeons or ophthalmologist may make mistakes in the refraction. The eye is a living thing and other causes like high blood pressure, diabetes , or heart problems may cause the power to fluctuate.If your eyes are not relax , it can also give you a false reading.

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