Tales from the crypt….

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There is a parallel world co-existing with ours. Some of us may not believe it but there is no scientific explanations about those supernatural occurrences..

Many of us may have heard stories or having experienced those supernatural occurrences. The dead coming back to say their last goodbye or to inform them of where they are buried

Five friends decided to to visit a cemetery in the middle of the night .They were probably bored with life and wanted to spice up and live to the ‘extreme .’

Why did they chose to go to that particular cemetery and on that day itself ?

It was as though they became a part of that fateful event that was slowly unfurling in front of them without their knowledge.

When they reached the cemetery , their car had a puncture at that particular spot .Was it incidental or was it destined ?

They alighted from their car and saw a blue van parked nearby with a man sleeping inside.

They were not intrepid enough to go over and check it out and as soon as their tires were changed, they left the scene immediately.

They felt uneasy about the van being there .It was a mystery as who would parked the van and sleep in that cemetery ? Being in that place can be scary and fearful enough .

One of those girls had a reoccurring dream that night. In her dreams, she kept seeing the parked van and what appeared to be a man sitting inside.

It troubled her greatly that she went and told her friends and they decided to go again to investigate.

But what I do not understand is that , why did they went again at midnight to check out the van ?Why not during the daytime ? Darned scary !

When they reached there , they discovered a decomposed body and this must have given them a very big fright and this incident will surely haunt them for all their life’s.

Geez! I am sure they regretted going there to find out about the van.

The spirit of the deceased came back to this world to inform his next of kin so that he could receive a proper burial .

Those five people became his means of communications to this world. They became involved and was part of that fateful event. It is all part of their destiny.

There was another story which I heard but cannot verify it’s authenticity. Many people in my place heard this story too.

Some friends were coming to visit their relatives in this part of my world and while they were midway , they decided to stop at this popular restaurant which were full of people.

They were not familiar with that area and more over it happened at around midnight.

The waitresses were young and beautiful and the food was marvelous. They paid for it and left .

When they told their relatives about this particular restaurant, they were shocked to know that it did not exist.

They went with their relatives to show them that restaurant but it was not there anymore and instead it was a cemetery. Imagine to their horrors and some one puked and out came those greenish things and worms. Yuck!!!!

I do not know if it is true or not or someone made up that story.

I will not stop at any restaurant which I have not frequent in the middle of the night…LOL!

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