Smart bra -grows and changes shape according to your body heat.

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Previously , when you needed to know if she was frisky or not , you could see her perky nipples jutting out through her bra and clothes.

You do not need any smart bra but only a pair of very keen eyes. LOL!

Not every women have perky nipples .
Today, with the technological advances in science, those smart Alex’s have invented the smart memory bra so that it gets more exciting in their boob watching activities.

The smart bra would automatically squeeze your boobs and make it stand out like some magic spell.

It will not make your boobs inflate like a balloon nor changes it’s shapes into some bizarre form but it will create a cleavage out of nowhere or deepens and enhanced it if you have one.

Will it cast it’s spell on the man ? You got to try it and see the effects.

Those men may experience a sudden sea sickness afflicting them and will inexplicably speak Gibberish . LOL!

Hope it does not malfunction and popped it out like those bread toasters or squeeze your boobs like a some kind of nut cracker.

You will have to wear a low cut dress otherwise wearing such a bra would be a waste.

There is no escape and those who want to wear this bra will not be able to hide their feelings anymore and it will be brazenly displayed like those sexy adverts.

The men will not have to figure out or scratch their heads in confusions whether she likes him or not. One more problem solved.

If he see’s your cleavage growing like the Hulk , he will know he is on the right path.

It enhances the cleavage and gives it a boost when it detects a rise in the body temperature.

I wonder if the heat from exercise or from the sun will not have the same effects ?

When you meet a great guy and gets attracted to him , your body goes into the hot and frisky mode and your smart memory bra will increase your spot light and there may be a tremor and his knees goes jelly or shaking uncontrollably.

The bra was unveiled at a Paris lingerie exhibition and will be on in Britain this summer, priced around £30.

What say you ? Dare to try ?

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