Negative thoughts can induce sickness…

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If you think, “I am going to be sick.” Your body will soon fall sick. Some people will say it out aloud to themselves or to others that they are feeling sick.

If you know the effects of those negative words, you should refrain from speaking it out aloud and always think in the positive to replace any negative thoughts that come into your mind.

As Christian believes all negative thoughts come from the devil. We cannot stop the birds from flying overhead but we have the ability to stop those birds from building a nest over our head.

The devil may shoot those poison arrows at us but we should not entertain those thoughts in our head.

Sometimes, those negative and destructive thoughts appear often and the only way to fight against it is to put on the armour of God and praise God repeatedly or say a prayer or speak in tongues or give a command in the name of Jesus…. It has helped me to thwart those devilish attacks .

A rudder is only a small part in a big ship but it can control and turn the big ship in any directions it wants.

The tongue is just like the rudder, it can tell your body to do anything after you have exercise it. That is the power of the tongue and your brain over your body.

Your brain will hear those commands and act upon them and make your body sick.

When you read those warnings of the side effects of those medicine you are taking , your body will react as though you will be experiencing those side effects.

It is better to be an optimist than a pessimist for the positive thoughts can be good for your health .It will also attract the positive things around you.

Conversely , if you always entertaining those negative thoughts in your head and speak negative things, it can be bad for your well being.

This idea has been known 2000 years ago and now scientist have only discovered it. The power of suggestion can be a very powerful tool.

Many patients are not really physically sick but are pseudo sick and they need to see a doctor who finds nothing wrong with them. They need to hear from the doctor that they will be well after taking those medications.It is more of a psychological thing than a physical thing.

Speak more positive things, think more positive and you will attract more positive vibes.

“The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

Proverbs 18:21
(The New Living Translation Bible )

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