Will you have sex everyday ?

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Want to rediscover the passions, romance and excitements in your otherwise dull and listless marriage/partnership ?

There is hope and it does not cost you a bomb.What you have to do is to re tune your ‘off timing’ and make some adjustments by tightening or loosening some screws in your brain.

Sex is the barometer of the health of your marriage. The more sex you have , the more healthy will be your marriage. The lack of sex will lead your marriage sliding down the steep and slippery abyss.

Love and sex are the two most important twin pillars in a marriage .You cannot have only one without the other.

A marriage is based on trust, intimacy, passion and respect . Many modern couples are too busy or too tired to have sex .

What they want is to fall down on the bed and rest at the end of the day and sex is furthest from their mind .

The absence of sex will slowly corrode their marriage as it will be like the breaking of an iceberg into two and floating away from each other.Soon a wide chasm will develop and it would be difficult to bridge them.

Having more sex is good for your body and soul as it releases those feel good chemicals called dopamine and also releases your stress. It will help you to look young , beautiful and happy.

It is the most intimate and supreme moments of the union when your body ,soul and spirit becomes united as one .A bond that is so strong that no one can separate them.

You should do it more often to extract more of those elixirs of love.
Whether you are in the mood or not , you should just do it.

Making s/he satisfied with pleasure is itself satisfactory and fulfilling. The men should be wary and not say or do stupid things to dampen her mood for love.

There are words which are like golden keys which will open her doors and words that will cut and pierce her heart. It is only ‘words’ but they mean so much to her. She needs constant reassurance of your love and validate her existence.

The women should wear some light makeups and lipsticks and be sexy at home or their sloppy looks would kill the man’s sexual desires.

In theory, everything is easy but in reality there are obstacles to overcome with your partner.

You will need to consult with her first and sell her that idea or you could be branded as a sex maniac .If you only want the sex but does not show her the love for her.

In some couples, there could be a brick wall between them and dismantling that wall can take some time.

Just looking at their partners can turn some of them off or puke , let alone coming near them and having sex. These people will need professional help or the cancer will set in their marriage and destroy them.

Having sex everyday without the love and understandings will make the other feel being used or abused .

It is no guarantee that you will increase the intimacies or excitements in your marriage. It is not a panacea for all the ills in your marriage.

There is no harm trying and you may hit the jackpot. Who knows,your life may improve tremendously and you will see the world in a more positive light.

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One Response to “Will you have sex everyday ?”

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I’m already having sex everyday. I’ve been having sex since I was 18 EVERYDAY till now. 🙂 That’s almost 10 years. I’ve to say, it’s just one of the best thing in life to do and I don’t understand how people just don’t think it’s possible.

Laura1318:-Thanks for your positive feedback’s. Probably because of their taboo’s or inhibitions about sex.

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