The mistress a casualty of the economic slowdowns.

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Who would want to be a mistress if they can be the wife ?

A mistress is a man’s long-term female sexual partner and companion or a kept woman.

The lack of the right available men has resulted in many women becoming mistresses and lovers.

It may not be the best but what other choice do they have ? Half is better than none.

These women are willing to grasp at the opportunities that come their way.

They do not mind if their lovers are older , balding or pot bellied or middle age as long as he is rich and able to support her present lifestyle and upkeep.

A woman can be smart and intelligent but when it comes to love , she cannot think with her head but instead with her heart.

It is no wonder that many professional women are conned off their money and love by those Casanova’s.

The recent slowdowns in the economy has resulted in the dumping of many mistresses and lovers by those men who could not afford to pay their upkeep’s anymore.

Those men were forced to refocus their attentions back to their wives and families.

The wives were too busy with their work or taking care of their children that they paid little or scant attentions to those tell tale signs of his straying s.

Some wives have no inklings whatsoever that their husbands are keeping a mistress .They have settled into the rut and did not bother about their men as long as they contributed to their family expenses.

The discovery of the husbands infidelity can be Earth shattering and can cause a break up if not handled in the right way.

It is not easy to forgive one’s spouse unless one is a Christian.Even as a Christian , some may not forgive them totally . Some women maybe tempted to have affairs to spite him back.

Some affairs may strengthened the marriage but most will destroy the marriage because it is not easy for a woman to forgive and forget the transgressions against her.

Whatever happens , it is fated and we should accept it and move on with our life.

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