Where the West and the East shall twined.

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Some people have a misguided perception that all Westerners are rich in comparison to the locals who are poor .

They may also think that all Westerners are handsome and beautiful like what is portrayed in those movies .

This is a fallacy and those who thought likewise are like those frogs living under the well. Theirs is a very small world and they do not know what it is like beyond their well.

What they see is only the lifestyles of those rich and super rich and which does not reflect on the overall society in general.

There are the hardcore poor’s in every country. Even in the USA there are many homeless people who live on the streets .

Today,even if you cannot afford to travel around the world, there is the internet which is a window to the whole wide world.

It is like a great library or encyclopedia where you have the Google God and find all those answers that you want.

The general perception that those Westerners are rich is because of the different standards of living and the wide disparity in the currency exchange.

They may not be rich in their own country but when they come over here, their spending power is multiplied three ,four or more times and they appear to be rich.

The Westerners received better and special privileges than the locals in many establishments. This kind of mentality permeates often in the Asian society.

This is just my generalizations only ,for there has been many cases of the West meeting the East and they twined.

The love story from the link below makes an interesting read. It is love and fate which decides our destiny.

A Western girl from Canada came to China and found her life long partner.

In Katherine Walker’s own words ,”We are two people that met in a town very far away from our homes. He is my best friend and every day with him makes me smile.

We wish you all the very best and may God bless you abundantly.

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