“Love handles or spare tires “

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Having sex for a woman can be a stressful thing as she is embarrass about her body and tries to hide them from his views. This would dampened her libido .

When asked which part of her body she is most stressed about,it is the love handles or the spare tires that they have around their midriff or stomach. Some people have them by the sides while others have them at the front.

If you eat a lot and do not exercise, you are bound to store those fats around your tummy and sides.

In the case of women , those fats may go to their buttocks and thighs.As a result , many ladies worries about those three parts of their anatomies. They don’t feel sexy and may even have low self esteem.

Men do not have this particular problem like women because they are not very self conscious of their bodies.

They readily accept what they see as natural and would not be concerned about what others think of them. To them it is more about power and money and what it can do for them.

Most men would have develop beer bellies when they are approaching middle age. It is the time , when the muscles are loosened and they cannot hold back all those extra loads .

Getting a 6 packs abs is just beyond their wildest dream. Many are not willing to work for it . It is too strenuous and not worth the efforts.

Many would not have the time or inclinations as they are too busy slogging at the office. By the time , they reached home , they are a spent force and have no more juice left .

Since the men are not perfect and quite simple in thought, the women should just relax and enjoy the sex.

You cannot compare your body with those teens. When they are older, they will also be covered with fats and certain parts will succumb to gravity.

Don’t be put off for sex simply because you don’t have a perfect body like those famous singers or actresses.

During sex, the body releases those
feel-good chemicals, called endorphins and will boost your health, mood , happiness and concentration. It can keep the doctor away and make you burn off those extra calories.

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