A woman , a lover, a mistress and a wife

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Some women are adept in playing all those roles . They either cannot stay alone for long or they prey on others or they themselves are a prey.

They will fall in and fall out of successive relationships and become serial lovers or mistresses.

Whether the men are single or married,they are all welcome. Some may prefer married men as they are better experienced and are better lovers. They would be less demanding as they are tied up in their marriage.

Snaring married men makes them feel good and increase their self importance and ego as she feels she is a better woman than the wife.

They know the traumas and the pain when infidelity happens yet it does not seem to bother them . They have been hurt before and when others are hurt , it is not their problem.

This type of mistress only plan to co exist with the married man and do not want to disturb their marriage.
She has no intentions of asking the men to divorce their wives and marrying them . She is perfectly comfortable to be just the mistress to him.

Being a mistress has it’s advantages. She has a lot of time to herself and can preen herself beautiful for him.
The mistress does not have to run a home or those domestic drudgery or taking care of kids.

While the dutiful wife will have myriads of errands to run daily that she has no time for herself or for him.

It can be a mundane and boring life when everything is repeated daily and the marriage becomes jaded as time progresses.

Sometimes it can develop into a dead end marriage. There are no more sparks in that marriage leading the men to seek love and solace from another woman’s bosom.The men will then seek outside of marriage what they cannot get from the inside.

He is faced with the many temptations in the work place with all those sexy piranha’s swimming around and who does not respect if the man is married or not.

Sometimes , there is the run in with the wives who discovered their partner’s affairs . Other times, they cause the break up of the families and this is really sad .

You cannot blame the wives for being jealous and on guard when their partners talk to another female.

For there lurks the devil in disguise underneath another female like Karen who wants to sleep with your husband.

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laura, thanks for this. needless to say I know all too well about this topic.

Laura1318:- You are welcome! Wise men/women think alike !

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