Are you F-A-T ?

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This must be the most hated word or the most used word in a female’s vocabulary.

If she asked for your honest opinions , you better speak what she wants to hear and not what is the truth.

Most women are not too happy or satisfied with their bodies and suffer from a poor image of themselves. They are very body conscious and some have low self esteem.

They are forever comparing to those models in those glossy magazines or with those who are fitter and slimmer than them.

Nothing seems to be perfect and their expectations are just too high . They will try to go under the scalpel to get the perfect look.

Oh! Poor woman! God made you perfect in His eyes. Don’t believe those media hypes that say thin or size ‘0’ is beautiful. That is unrealistic.

Every day , they will have to wage a war with the enemy ,’ fats ‘ which creeps inside their thighs, stomach, ass, waist and be at those wrong places on their anatomy.

Looking into the mirror or at themselves in the shower can be very uncomfortable and distressing.

The men are very lucky that they can eat everything and in large portions without a care about being fat.

Being a woman can be a torture when you see all those good and your favourite foods and yet can only sample or take a bite or two .

You will put on weight if you eat a large portion and your body will balloon like a pig. For some girls , even a small portion can still make them fat.

As a result of the fear of putting on weight , the girls are anxious and may develop eating disorders like
Anorexia and Bulimia.

In today’s modern world , more people are taking fast foods which is fattening and even children are obese.

They have no time to exercise and modern living has provided them with a sedentary lifestyle and convenience.

Exercise is the only way to make you healthy , confident and improve your self esteem.Do not neglect to exercise or your health would be affected.

Learn to accept and love your body.It is not how you look that is important but your health and your quality of life.

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