Buying a hand phone for your child ?

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It is the in thing or trendy for the young child to possess a hand phone or cellphone in this age and time.

Their ages of possession are getting younger and younger and today’s kids are getting more smarter than ever.

The prices of those h/p’s are now no more expensive and are dropping at a dizzying pace . They have become more affordable to many people.

The various promotions by the h/p companies are too tempting and most consumers are enticed by those sweet deals.

Many parents are giving their young child a phone for the purpose of tracking their movements and whereabouts or for any emergency situations when they need to talk to each other.

Even if they are reluctant to buy for them, the child may pester her or throw tantrums for one as everyone seems to have a h/p in school or is carrying one.

In some cases ,not simply any h/p but the ones with the latest gizmo’s.

For the young teens , they are a source of delight as they can gossip with their friends and incur huge phone bills to their parents detriments .

Smart parents would would only allow them to use prepaid cards as they can control their usage.

Children as old as 4 or 5 can learn how to use the h/p . Some parents teach their young ones how to use the h/p and this can be useful during an emergency . They can call for help from the police or 911 when anything happens to the parents.

It can be an expensive toy for some one that young and who may not know how to take care of it. Probably it will not last due to manhandling or being stolen .

This news article about a 8 years old boy upon getting his first cellphone and making a prank call about his mother being shot by his father is comical.

However, it was not funny for 911 and the police and they took away his cellphone . Poor boy! He is being taught a lesson .

What gives him such an idea ?

I remembered the first time , I gave my kids a cellphone and the girl chatted and saddled me with a very high phone bill.

She was too young to understand and after only 3 times being send to the sin bin did she controlled those calls. There is always the first time.

if you are thinking of buying your kids a cell phone, make sure they understands the rules and limits.Otherwise , you will make a few holes in your purse or pocket.

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