Buy house, get new wife!

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WOW! What a gimmick ! It must be the recession and the market slump in home sales and plunging prices.

It is a global phenomenon. Housing prices are spiraling downwards and there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet.

The severe financial crunch has left many rich people poor.Some of them could not take the pressure and committed suicide. They lose millions or billions and see all their riches gone like the wind.

Necessity is the mother of inventions.
This enterprising property company in China thought of this sizzling idea to help market their unsold houses with such a bizarre and brilliant idea.

The catchy slogan is “Get a house and gain a wife!” This would surely catch your eyes and maybe popped them out of their sockets .LOL!

All their pictures and vital statistics are posted on the company’s websites. The company is not only marketing their houses but is also the matchmaker for it’s female staff.

It is a great feeling to know that they care for their female staffs too.

Buy your dream house and take home a young and beautiful bride and live happily ever after!

I think this is really sexist as it only caters for the men. What about if the buyer is a woman ? What is there for her ? Sorry! No husband for you .

Interesting…..huh! If you are still unmarried and rich, now is the time to kill two birds with one stone.

You not only get a young bride but also a handsome dowry of 60,000 yuan . Those sales girls would pocket 8% of the sale price , get another 60,000 yuan( co- share with new husband) , a husband and a house.It is like a dream come true.

The only condition is that you have to be married for at least one year or the deal would be off.

This type of scheme if successful would soon spawn copy cats in other countries and become popular sales tactics.

Is it moral and ethical? They are not only selling their house but also their saleswomen !

If you want to think in a pessimistic and derogatory term , it is like prostituting their female sales staff.

However,on a bright and positive side, they are doing a good service to find husbands for their female sales team .

Which female staff would not want to find a rich husband and immediately become the proud co-owner of a high end property?

The problem is that there maybe a shortage of those available males because most of them would have been married or have girlfriends.

Those who could afford those expensive properties are probably too old and married .

Reference and thanks to :-,4136,200555,00.html?

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