You’ll never understand why I hurt so much.

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It is too late now. My heart is cold and my love for you is dead . When I needed your love, you poured scorn and hot coals over my head and all over my body.

Why is this happening to me ? Why do I have to walk through this burning inferno when you should be leading me on the path to the Garden of Eden?

You have deceived me and I now realized that you are the devil in disguise.

I am your beloved wife but you sadly failed to love, to cherish and to protect me.

You not only did not lift a hand to protect me from your piranha kins but you also took part in the attack frenzy.

My heart is no more and there are no more tears. The trauma will take a long time to heal.

I have to be strong for my daughter’s sake and be there for her . She is the reason that I am still living.Without her, there is no more meanings in my life.

It was a very grave mistake due to my youthful idealism and I paid dearly for it .

I have never been treated like this before and you opened my eyes and taught me the dark side of life.

I gave my all to you .Hoping that we will have a happy and blessed life. We were just too young and green and did not understand what love is all about.

Many teenage marriages faced tremendous pressures and the in laws problem.

Much is expected from them but who can blame them when they cannot fulfill their in laws wishes. They are still young and inexperienced.

Enough is enough and she was forced to leave him and begin a new life.
The man realized his mistakes but it will take a lot to convince her to come back to him. Only time will tell if they can be united again.

When a woman’s heart has turned cold or changed, it is very difficult for her to change her path.

Being their parents, you should always support them , help them and gives them encouragements .

God brings two people together in marriage and let no one let them asunder.

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2 Responses to “You’ll never understand why I hurt so much.”

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True love is to love oneself. If we need to be loved by others then we have not outgrown childness.

People will suffer until they learn to love themselves.

Laura1318 :- Agree with you on that.If we cannot love oneself , how can we love others ?

cheer up.. =)

Laura1318 :-

Thanks a lot . I was trying to empathize with the victim in that story.

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