Guys should call – Not ?

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After a perfect first date and you bid each other goodbye for the perfect and enjoyable evening, you exchange your telephone numbers and he said he will call or text you.

This may be the last time you will hear from him again or if lady luck smiles on you ,you may carry on baiting and leading him into your parlour like the spider seducing the fly.

He may call but in many cases , the phone never rings and you are forlornly waiting for him to call you.

Why does he not call when he promised you ?

The most probable reasons is that they are not into you and have no wish to continue further. You are terminated!

It could be just politeness on his part to say he will call when he has no intentions of calling you . He does not want to disappoint you for a wonderful evening .

In the next few days, your life will be like a roller coaster with your emotions swinging from one side to the other.

You will replay those past actions in your mind and analyze and reanalyze where you did wrong or what you said could have offended him.

You would be anxiously and eagerly hoping for the phone to ring and hear his voice again.

If he is interested in you he would call you up the next day to thank you for that wonderful and enjoyable evening and may send you a second invite.

It is not difficult to call you and say thank you for that date . If he cannot do a thing as simple as that, he is not worth your attention .

Think of that date as though you went to watch a wonderful but sad movie and move on.

This is a woman’s problem. Woman are more gullible and tend to believe every word a man tells them. They should believe action speaks louder than words.

When a man comes a wooing, he will utter many meaningless phrases which is meaningless to him but knows that it is music to her ears.

He knows that he is lying and speaking half truths . He is not bothered about his methods as long as he obtained the results he desired.

He is like a car salesman trying to sell you a car or a beautiful dream and can promise you Heaven and Earth before the sale.

He knows what are the effects of those words on her and will use it to the hilt. He learned from his past experiences and mistakes and polished them to perfection.

If you want to judge a man , judge not his flowery prose or what comes out of his sweet lips but by his deeds and how much pain he can endure in his pocket.

The more a person can sweet talk , the more you will have to beware that the sweetness mask the bitter toxic poison that lies underneath.

Beware the flatterer. For flatters can open many doors.

Some women lives by certain rules or etiquette .All rules are man made and there is no hard and fast rules.

For some women , if the man does not call after the 3rd or 4th day , they will bin them and will remain aloof or cold when and if they call her again.

This is payback time for those mental tortures which they inflicted on themselves.

Some women may just make a call or text and leave it like that. If he does not respond, then it is the end of the dream.There is no point in spamming his phone because you would appear desperate and cheap.Most women would rather not call him and want him to call first.

The men are perplexed and don’t know what hit them. Men and women have different perspectives. They do not think and see alike. That is the grave mistake many men and women do not realize.

If you are meant to be together again , you will overcome this barrier

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2 Responses to “Guys should call – Not ?”

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“Men are supposed to have thicker skins and those feint hearted will never win any lady. LOL!”

That’s a rather crass view of men. ‘Win’ a lady? The Victorian Era ended 100 years ago.

I find that many women have these kinds of unsophisticated views of men, i.e. that men are mindless, insensitive drones who exists simply to bestow favors on women.

Laura1318 :-

Who made all those laws in the society? How did society treat women since the ages ? Who is responsible for the way women were brought up with that kind of culture ?

There are many men who think women are just sex objects and be there at their beck and call.

Stereotyping of man or woman is quite prevalent in our society.

Man and woman complement each other and they strengthened each other for their lack.

There is always the good , the bad and the ugly.

Man is the provider and woman the gatherer. This role has been practiced since the ages but man’s role are becoming more diminished as women are working and sometimes earning a bigger pay cheque than them.

“You will replay those past actions in your mind and analyze and reanalyze where you did wrong or what you said could have offended him.”

Why to torture yourselves like that, just live your lives and remember that moment like it was “a funny thing that happened”.

I know it’s easy to say but ladies feel strong eventually you’ll go an a date and he will call hoping you to answer and say YES for the second date.

You think that we men don’t think about did she like me, should I call her, what she’ll say, what if she won’t answer.

Laura1318 :-

Men are supposed to have thicker skins and those feint hearted will never win any lady. LOL!

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