Sex slave to dad and brother !

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A 13-year-old Malaysian girl claimed that she had been a sex slave to the father ,42 and brother ,15 for the last four years.

How come the mother does not know anything at all or was she an accomplice or fearful of her husband wrath’s.

Surely there are tell tale signs when the daughter is undergoing through those traumas. Either she is blind or she purportedly ignored her daughter’s cries.

She failed in her duty as a parent to protect her daughter from those low life creatures. Now , she must suffer those consequences for her inaction.

If this is true,it is indeed a very sad day for humanity. Her very own father and brother who is supposed to protect her ,violated her sanctity and honour and treated her with total disdain and contempt .

It is a very shameful , cowardly and disgraceful act perpetrated on a very young and innocent child .Those perpetrators are really sick in their minds .

This brings to mind the most vile case that happened in Austria.

A 73-year-old Austrian man,Josef Fritzl has confessed to imprisoning his daughter in a windowless cellar for 24 years and fathering her seven children.(

Why do these men commit the most foul,perverse and dastardly acts on their own children?

According to some psychologist, it could be attributed to the abuse they suffered when they were a child and they became emotional handicaps and developed personality disorders and serious sexual disorders.

When they grew up, they followed in their parents tradition as it was a normal practice for them. Abuse begets abuse.

Are they humans or beastly creatures of the lowest order ? Yeah! Low life creatures that is even below those wild animals .

These low life creatures should be locked up for good and the keys thrown into the deepest ocean.

They have committed incest and have destroyed their children’s future.

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2 Responses to “Sex slave to dad and brother !”

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Did those men have access to prostitutes, mistresses or porn?

Men need an outlet.

Spouses do not provide that, the law had better (though men have to sneak around– but at least it will protect the young).

Those cases seem to happen to one particular religious community. They have access to porn but many do not have access to prostitutes or mistress and hence , they commit such shameful acts.

I’m speechless for those people that can do this kind of thing towards their own family member.

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